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    Uganda Uganda
    05 JUN 1986


Discipline Performance Wind Venue Date Records Results Score
5000 Metres 13:49.2h Nairobi (KEN) 05 JUN 2014 1036
10,000 Metres 28:58.70 Kampala (UGA) 25 JUL 2008 1043
10 Kilometres 29:39 Lomme (FRA) 05 APR 2010 993
20 Kilometres 59:40 Debrecen (HUN) 08 OCT 2006 1066
Half Marathon 1:02:07 Udine (ITA) 14 OCT 2007 1106
Marathon 2:18:03 Lucca (ITA) 24 OCT 2010 1022


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Latest Active Season: 2019


Discipline Performance Wind Place Date Records Results Score
10,000 Metres 30:07.49 Mandela National Stadium, Kampala (UGA) 26 JUL 2019 944


5000 Metres

Performance Place Date
2014 13:49.2h Nairobi (KEN) 05 JUN 2014


10,000 Metres

Performance Place Date
2019 30:07.49 Mandela National Stadium, Kampala (UGA) 26 JUL 2019
2008 28:58.70 Kampala (UGA) 25 JUL 2008
2005 29:33.0h Kyambogo (UGA) 30 JUL 2005


10 Kilometres

Performance Place Date
2014 31:51 Castelbuono (ITA) 26 JUL 2014
2012 30:33 Lomme (FRA) 09 APR 2012
2011 30:16 Halluin (FRA) 09 OCT 2011
2010 29:39 Lomme (FRA) 05 APR 2010
2007 29:46 Marseille (FRA) 18 NOV 2007
2006 32:40 Bukwa (UGA) 22 JAN 2006


20 Kilometres

Performance Place Date
2011 1:01:23 Ceret (FRA) 18 SEP 2011
2009 1:01:06 Paris (FRA) 11 OCT 2009
2006 59:40 Debrecen (HUN) 08 OCT 2006


Half Marathon

Performance Place Date
2014 1:03:27 Niort (FRA) 19 OCT 2014
2012 1:04:53 Ivry-sur-Seine (FRA) 08 APR 2012
2010 1:04:09 Longeville (FRA) 25 APR 2010
2009 1:06:14 Moshi (TAN) 01 MAR 2009
2008 1:04:04 Kampala (UGA) 23 NOV 2008
2007 1:02:07 Udine (ITA) 14 OCT 2007
2005 1:08:36 Edmonton (CAN) 01 OCT 2005
2004 1:08:36 New Delhi (IND) 03 OCT 2004



Performance Place Date
2013 2:19:22 Hannover (GER) 05 MAY 2013
2012 2:19:09 Caen (FRA) 10 JUN 2012
2010 2:18:03 Lucca (ITA) 24 OCT 2010
Results in:

10,000 Metres

Date Competition Cnt. Cat Race Pl. Result
26 JUL 2019 Uganda Ch., Mandela National Stadium, Kampala UGAUGA B F 18. 30:07.49

Half Marathon

Date Competition Cnt. Cat Race Pl. Result Remark
24 NOV 2019 MTN Kampala Half Marathon, Kampala UGAUGA F F 17. 1:09:18 UNC

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Updated 24 March 2009

James KIBET, Uganda (5000m, 10,000m, Half Marathon, Cross Country)
Born: 5 June 1984, Kaboreywo village, Bukwo

James Kibet recalls a time, back in 2007, when he had to walk about 30km while travelling from Bukwo to Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, to compete in a national championship. He did it for the love of athletics.

A member of the Standard High team, Kibet hails from Kaboreywo village, Bukwo District, one of the remotest areas in Uganda. “It rained very heavily that morning and the road through Kapchorwa got blocked,” Kibet recalled. “Cars couldn’t pass there yet we had to be in Kampala the following day. “I told my teammates that we should walk until we could access a public service vehicle. But it was not an easy journey.”

Kibet and his teammates walked through the slippery feeder road until they reached Kapchorwa, a district neighbouring their home area. They finally made it to the capital city but competing was a nightmare for the runners due to fatigue. “I had wanted to compete in the 10,000m but changed to the shorter 5000m,” Kibet said. “My legs felt so stiff and I could only finish fifth.”

One of Uganda’s best road runners, Kibet has been in and out of the national team. He thinks his journey to recognition has been full of ups and downs due to bad luck. “I pray that I get a good manager in Europe who can help me to take part in well-paying competitions in the near future,” he said. “That’s the only way I can make a breakthrough and good living.”

Born to Pariteka Chericha and Selda Cherotwo, Kibet grew up in a polygamous family but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his goals. A few years back, his father married another woman with whom he has two kids. Overall, Kibet is from a family of 10 siblings, four boys and six girls.

Kibet realised he had a running talent while in form six at Amanang Primary School in 1998.  “Our home was very far from the school,” he said. “We could walk about 12km to and from school every day and I think that helped me in building my fitness.” Kibet took part in a 5000m race during the inter-class competitions, finishing fourth. He came fifth at the District inter-schools meet but couldn’t make the district team. 

Although now retired, Kibet’s father was an English teacher at a neighbouring school, Swam Primary, and he encouraged him to continue running. Chericha moved his son to Swam Primary School, where he completed his form seven before joining senior one at Standard High School in 2000.

It was Alex Malinga, a fellow runner, who influenced Kibet to choose Standard ahead of other schools. That year Kibet made his debut on the national scene. He finished 11th in the 8km junior race at the national Nation Cross Country Championships held in the remote western Uganda district of Kihihi.

Unfortunately, Kibet missed the 2001 season due to injury and returned the following year. At the 2002 National Cross Country, Kibet finished an impressive fifth in the junior race and was sure of competing at the world stage. It was never to be. “They summoned over 12 runners for residential training,” he said. “After around three weeks in camp, the coaches gave us a trial race and I finished eighth. I was dropped from the team and I hate to remember how I felt. I decided to concentrate on my books and never competed again until 2003.”

Upon his return, Kibet finally made the cut to represent Uganda at the World Cross Country in Lausanne, Switzerland, after finishing fourth in the nationals. In Lausanne, he was Uganda’s second finisher in 13th position for the team, landing a junior bronze medal.

A few months later, Kibet signed a contract with the Ezra Track Team Board (ETTB), a local body that was, at the time, organising competitions without the approval of the national athletics governing body – Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF). Kibet snatched second position behind Moses Kipsiro in the 3000m (8:14) at the 2003 National Championships. In 2004, Kibet missed out on the World Cross Country as Uganda sent only a junior team.

The following year, Kibet switched to road running. He was beaten into second place by Nicholas Kiprono in the National Half Marathon and finished 57th in the World Half Marathon Championships, in Edmonton, Canada. “It was very cold and I had never competed in such weather conditions,” Kibet recalled.

Finishing fourth at the 2006 National Cross Country earned Kibet the right to represent Uganda in Eastern Africa. He placed 22nd at the Eastern Africa Cross Country Championships but was once again dropped for the world stage. Kibet returned for the Mombasa-hosted 2007 World Cross Country, finishing 39th and helping Uganda to its first senior team medal – a bronze – despite the sweltering heat.

In 2008, Kibet failed to hit his target of qualifying for the Olympic Games but was happy to remain injury-free. He also clocked 28:50 to finish fourth in 10,000m at the National Championships.

Heading to Amman, Jordan, for the 2009 World Cross Country Championships, Kibet is looking forward to putting up a performance good enough to open more doors for him. “I hope to run very well as an individual and I believe that, if my teammates remain in good health, we shall return with something,” said Kibet as the team finalised its residential training in Kapchorwa, eastern Uganda.

Personal Bests
3000m: 8:14 (2003)
10,000m: 28:50 (2008)
20km 58:22 (2007)
Half Marathon: 1:02:07 (2007)

Yearly Progression
Half Marathon: 2004 – 1:07:45, 2005 – 1:08:36; 2006 - ; 2007 – 1:02:07; 2008: 1:06:09.

Career Highlights
2003    13th     World Cross Country Championships (junior)
2004:    46th       World Half Marathon Championships
2005    57th     World Half Marathon Championships
2005    84th     World Cross Country Championships
2006    24th     World Road Running Championships (20km)
2007    39th     World Cross Country Championships
2007    28th     World Road Running Championships (Half Marathon)

Prepared by Sande Bashaija for the IAAF ‘Focus on Athletes’ project. Copyright  IAAF 2009.

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