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Weekend reads: the best athletics stories from the past seven days

Start your weekend here, with a round-up of some of the best athletics, running and fitness-related stories from the past seven days.


The coronavirus outbreak puts running into perspective


As the pandemic continues to surge and major races are canceled, we can return to running for its own sake

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What should I do with my training since my goal race has been cancelled?

Cancelled race

When your race is cancelled, you can parlay your race fitness into a PB later in the year, but first here are some options and training adjustments for closing your season.

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How to run safely amid coronavirus concerns


While the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, causing running races - and many other large events - to be postponed and cancelled, you might be wondering what you should do for your own personal health and how this could affect your training.

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The 100 greatest runs, jumps, and throws of all time

Abebe Mekonnen

Ethiopia won the first — and, it would turn out, only — IAAF World Challenge Road Relay. The event would return in 1992 as the rebranded IAAF World Road Relay Championships before fading out in 1998, disappearing into track and field’s history. The run has not, however, disappeared for good — it has been ranked No.100 in Løpe Magazine’s 'The 100 Greatest Runs, Jumps, and Throws of All Time'.

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Eliud's Olympic reflections

Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge is set to compete at his fourth Olympic Games when he takes to the start line for the marathon on the streets of Sapporo in August. The Kenyan reflects on his three previous Olympic experiences in which he has mined a medal of every colour.

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Dorothy Tyler was a remarkable character who should be far more remembered than she is

Dorothy Odam-Tyler

It was one of those moments that made soup bowls rattle, caused buttered knives to miss bread rolls and inspired choking fits in those mid-gulp. It was a fancy sports awards lunch in 2008 and it is fair to say that Dorothy Tyler turned one of those rather nauseous backslapping fests into something far more memorable.

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Craig Virgin recalls his epic victory at the World Cross Country Championships, 40 years later

Craig Virgin

The day before the 1980 World Cross Country Championships, Craig Virgin went to study the course at Paris’ Longchamp Racecourse. He noticed the venue’s thick, energy-sapping grass, designed for thoroughbreds, not humans, and realised he would have to run on the worn section a few feet off the rail, where the grass was beaten down.

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David Rudisha: Olympic 800m champion on personal struggles, and Tokyo comeback

David Rudisha

Snoozing in Nairobi airport's departure lounge in a navy blue suit, David Rudisha looks like just another businessman having a quick power nap.

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Do carbo-loading and fat loading work?


Question: I hear runners always talking about carbo-loading before races, while others fat load. Does either work?

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Katarina Johnson-Thompson meets Mary Peters: 'I want to have a 47-year celebration of Olympic gold, too'

Mary Peters and Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Ahead of a big summer in Tokyo, the current heptathlon world champion takes inspiration from another successful British female combined-eventer

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