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Event Report Women Javelin Throw Final

The women's Javelin final had the reigning World champion and World record holder Osleidys Menendez throwing, but her form this season did not make her a favourite.

Instead, world leading thrower at 66.00m, Tatyana SHIKOLENKO (RUS), and of course Greek Mirela MANJANI, who despite coming to major championships with lower seasonal bests, always seems to excel in these important meetings.
The first round did not see any real surprises, but already some very good throwing. Shikolenko started with a good 62.76m, but it was Manjani who got the best throw of the round. The Greek, coming to the final with a seasonal best of only 63.13m, was able to throw 64.55m, clearly the best in the first round. Reigning champion Menendez only managed to get 61.18m, her usual level during this season. Third behind Manjani and Shikolenko was 2002 European Championships bronze medallist, Mikaela INGBERG (FIN) with 61.37m.
Round two had Shikolenko bettering her performance to 62.99m and Manjani only a little behind her first round effort at 64.46m. Steffi NERIUS (GER), the silver medallist in European Championships last year, moved to third place in a tight competition for the medals. The German's javelin landed at 62.70m, only 29 centimetres off second place.
Shikolenko again gained some centimetres in the next round. 63.28m did not move her too close to the leader Manjani, but was still enough to push the others further away. Manjani leashed another fine throw of 64.09m, but there was no movement around the medal placings with Ingberg passing her throw due to an injury.
Ingberg did come back for the fourth round, coming close at 62.02m, her best in the competition, but not enough for the bronze medal position. During the same round Manjani finally clinched her victory with a world leading 66.52m throw. Menendez finally got her act together after two fouls, moving to fourth place past Ingberg. However, 62.19m was not quite what the Cuban had been hoping for.
The fifth round did not see any changes, three throws over 60m by Shikolenko, Manjani and Nerius with another pass by Ingberg. The final round was the lowest quality of the all six. Only Ingberg, throwing again, was able to improve. 62.20m was not enough for a medal today, but it did move her to the fourth place, beating 2001 World Champion Menendez by only one centimetre (62.19m).
Manjani won with her fourth round world leading throw of 66.52m; earlier world leader Shikolenko was second (63.28m) and Nerius third (62.70m).