World Athletics Championships Oregon22
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News31 Aug 2003

Interviews Women 4x400m Relay Final


Gold MedallistUSA

Jearl Miles:
"We had such a hard time coming here, because everybody was telling us that Russia will win, but we said 'No way!'.
"We came here to win, nothing else.
"Our tactics were very clear; go out really hard, stay relaxed and push hard all the way to the end. It seems to have worked out for the best, I am so happy, GO USA!"

Silver Medallist - RUS

"I am disappointed to have to go home without the gold medal - again."

"We are disappointed because our last exchange was very unfortunate. The Senegalese runner just stood in front of us and there was nothing we could do."

Bronze Medallist - JAM

Lorraine Fenton:
"We thought we had a chance if we run hard and give our best effort to it. I think we did that, I think we did well. It's only that the others were doing well, too.

"We wanted to win but it didn't come together.

"We had some problem with our first exchange, it just was not as smooth as the rest, but it did not change anything in the end."

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