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News21 Nov 2022

Top running tracks in Budapest: Normafa


Normafa, Budapest (© László Zsigmond)

It is no exaggeration to say that Normafa is one of the most popular and beautiful parts of Budapest, where you can be very close to nature. It's a great place to be all year round, whether for hiking, cycling or picnicking. In the winter, sledgers take over the area, and in the summer, roller skates, bikes, leashes and Nordic walking poles come out. 

This is the highest point in Budapest, the Elisabeth Lookout on the 528-metre János Hill. The hill was already a popular hiking destination, with Queen Elizabeth being one of its most famous visitors. The lookout is a tribute to her memory. The popular Libegő chairlift and the Children’s railway are also found here. 

It's worth taking one of Budapest's oldest public transport, the cogwheel train, up to Széchenyi Hill, from where it's a few minutes' walk to Normafa. 

The fresh air and the various stunning natural trails make it an absolute favourite route with runners.   Sports enthusiasts are encouraged to experiment with the different routes: you can run on concrete, on gravel or through the trees. What's more, the bumpy, hilly sections are a real test of strength. 

From the Jánoshegyi road to the Elisabeth Lookout, the city has one of the most beautiful rubberized running tracks in the city, stretching for 2040 metres. The one-and-a-half metre wide track is a great place to run, and the asphalt next to it is perfect for cyclists or scooters. Environmentally friendly motion-sensing lighting along the running track ensures safe use after dark. 

Important information:

  • Length: 2040 m
  • Surface: rubberized running track
  • Access: Children’s railway, Bus 21, 221, Cog-wheel railway – stop: Széchenyi-hill 
  • Address: 1121 Budapest, Normafa
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