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Flash Interviews - Men 5000m Final

Gold MedallistBenjamin LIMO, KEN
"I am very proud of this gold medal."

"The race was slow and I knew the last lap was going to be very fast. But I have trained well and I knew I would be strong at the end."

"We had a team plan to work together. We just wanted to win a medal for Kenya, and hopefully a gold one. The plans went very well, although I did not expect to win today. All I need now is to win a medal also in the Olympics."

"My son was born on Monday, and it is obvious that I will name him 'Helsinki'!"

Silver Medallist - Sileshi SIHINE, ETH
"I did expect the Kenyans to be strong, but I did not think LIMO will win. In fact their tactics surprised me a little."

"It was a good race, but I feel I could have won. I wanted the gold, but I am still satisfied. I want to stay with track running, probably the 5000m, but I might even try the Marathon in Chicago next, who knows?"

Bronze Medallist - Craig MOTTRAM, AUS
"I am very much pleased with this result. The first few laps were very slow so I just tried to stay calm. Over the last kilometre I stepped up my speed a little, and the I just waited for the last 250m and the finish, where I gave it all I had."