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Interviews Men Javelin Throw Final

Gold MedallistSergey MAKAROV RUS

"This is my first major title, I can not believe it!
"The title is important for me and I am pleased with it. My performance was less than what I expected, including me there are others who have thrown farther this year.
"The competition was especially tough as we had to stop for all the victory ceremonies."

Silver Medallist - Andrus VARNIK EST

"This may be a surprise to others even in Estonia, but it was not a surprise to me. For two weeks I have had the good feeling and my confidence was strong. I thought a throw of about 86m would have been enough for a medal and I was sure I could do that.

"I have been trained by Heino PUUSTE and with him we have got all the pieces together: the speed, the force and the technique."

Bronze Medallist - Boris HENRY GER

"I have mixed feelings about this result: I am both pleased and disappointed at the same time because I 'only' placed third. Of course I aimed at winning the title tonight but I made some mistakes and couldn't do any better than this.

"I'm quite happy because we have a very strong German team, with Christian NIKOLAY(6th), Peter BLANK(8th).

"It was very hard to focus on my competition today because of what is happening to my girlfriend Kelli WHITE (USA) right now. I just want to go and see her now. I need to be with her."