Students participating in 'Ostrava supports continents' ahead of the IAAF Continental Cup (organisers) © Copyright
General News Ostrava, Czech Republic

Under Spotakova's eye, students compete in Ostrava supports continents, an IAAF Continental Cup road show

More than 500 elementary and secondary school childred from 29 schools in the Czech Republic's Moravian-Silesian region took part in an “Ostrava supports continents” roadshow on Thursday (22).

The project, “Ostrava supports continents”, is connected to IAAF Continental Cup, which will take place in Ostrava on 8-9 September as the biggest athletic event this year in the Czech Republic. It is a project designed for elementary and secondary school students as well as for members of athletic clubs, which began on 16 November with a draw ceremony at Ostrava's City Hall. In total, 30 elementary schools and 27 secondary schools entered the project. The main goal of “Ostrava supports continents” is to involve children in regular physical activity.

Valter Boček, the Executive Director of the IAAF Continental Cup, Ostrava Deputy Mayor Vladimír Cigánek, Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region Stanislav Folwarczny and double Olympic Champion Barbora Špotáková took part as guests.

"We are delighted to be able to support the event we are all looking forward to September," Cigánek told young students and athletes.

"Athletic is the queen of sport and this project helps to popularise the IAAF Continental Cup. It is a great motivation to be able to try the competition in a professional environment," Folwarczny said.

"You are part of the IAAF Continental Cup, why the project actually came into being," Boček told the young competitors. "Compete in the spirit of fair play and support your school. We are looking forward to meet the best of you in the stadium in September."

The competition was comprised of three events: a 60m run, throwing a medicine ball and a standing long jump. Špotáková, the world record holder in javelin throw and the ambassador for the Continental Cup's Asia-Pacific team, carefully monitored the students' performances, before posing for pictures and signing autograph cards.

"I am surprised to see that the event was well organised," Špotáková said. "All the participants were so enthusiastic! Everyone is looking forward to September when IAAF Continental Cup will be held." All of the participants were greeted by Colin Jackson, a former world champion in the 110m hurdles, the ambassador for Team Europe. "I'm really looking forward to Ostrava. I have raced there several times and I know that the Ostrava audience loves athletics."

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