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Women's Medal Chart set for revision


Tegla Loroupe wins her third consecutive world half marathon title in Palermo (© Getty Images - Allsport)

Should Paula Radcliffe live up to her status as favourite for the World Half Marathon title, she will join the great Tegla Loroupe as the only three-time winner of this event.

Her closest rivals - Susan Chepkemei and Berhane Adere - have each won medals at the past two championships and could well do so again. Mizuki Noguchi, second in the World Championships marathon and four times a silver medallist in the world half marathon – is another set to climb the all-time medal chart after Vilamoura.

The two most bemedalled men, Tesfaye Jifar and Hendrik Ramaala, are not entered this time.

Most medals won in the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships

J = Junior Race; T = Team

7       Tesfaye Jifar   ETH     99-3, 2T; 2000-3, 2T; 2001-2, 1T; 2002-3T
5       Hendrick Ramaala        RSA     97-2T; 98-2, 1T; 99-2, 1T
4       Melk Mothuli    RSA     92-2J, 3JT; 93-1J, 1JT
        Moses Tanui     KEN     95-1, 1T; 97-2, 1T
        Shem Kororia    KEN     94-1T; 97-1, 1T; 98-2T
        Paul Tergat     KEN     99-1, 3T; 2000-1, 1T
3       Carl Thackery   GBR     92-2T; 93-3, 3T
        Isaac Radebe    RSA     92-3JT; 93-3J, 1JT
        Khalid Skah     MAR     94-1, 3T; 98-3
        Tesfaye Tola    ETH     97-3T; 99-2T; 2001-1T
        John Gwako      KEN     98-2T; 2000-1T; 2001-2T
        John Yuda       TAN     2001-3, 3T; 2002-3

8       Lidia Simon     ROM     96-2, 1T; 97-3, 1T; 98-3, 2T; 2000-3, 1T
        Tegla Loroupe   KEN     93-3; 97-1, 2T; 98-1, 1T; 99-1, 1T; 2002-1T
        Cristina Pomacu ROM     95-2, 1T; 96-1T; 97-2, 1T; 98-2T; 2000-1T
6       Anuta Catuna    ROM     92-3T; 93-1T; 94-3, 1T; 95-3, 1T
        Aura Buia       ROM     92-3T; 95-1T; 96-3, 1T; 97-1T; 98-2T
5       Iulia Negura/Olteanu    ROM     92-3T; 93-1T; 94-2, 1T; 95-1T
        Susan Chepkemei KEN     2000-2; 2001-2, 1T; 2002-2, 1T
4       Nuta Olaru      ROM     96-1T; 97-1T; 98-2T; 2000-1T
        Mizuki Noguchi  JPN     99-2, 2T; 2000-2T; 2001-2T
        Joyce Chepchumba        KEN     97-2T; 98-1T; 99-1T; 2001-1T
        Berhane Adere   ETH     2001-3, 3T; 2002-1, 3T
3       Mari Tanigawa   JPN     93-2, 2T; 94-3T
        Valentina Yegorova      RUS     95-1, 2T; 99-3T
        Adriana Barbu   ROM     92-3T; 93-1T; 94-1T

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