Tegla Loroupe wins her third consecutive world half marathon title in Palermo (Getty Images - Allsport) © Copyright
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Women's Medal Chart set for revision

Should Paula Radcliffe live up to her status as favourite for the World Half Marathon title, she will join the great Tegla Loroupe as the only three-time winner of this event.

Her closest rivals - Susan Chepkemei and Berhane Adere - have each won medals at the past two championships and could well do so again. Mizuki Noguchi, second in the World Championships marathon and four times a silver medallist in the world half marathon – is another set to climb the all-time medal chart after Vilamoura.

The two most bemedalled men, Tesfaye Jifar and Hendrik Ramaala, are not entered this time.

Most medals won in the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships

J = Junior Race; T = Team

7       Tesfaye Jifar   ETH     99-3, 2T; 2000-3, 2T; 2001-2, 1T; 2002-3T
5       Hendrick Ramaala        RSA     97-2T; 98-2, 1T; 99-2, 1T
4       Melk Mothuli    RSA     92-2J, 3JT; 93-1J, 1JT
        Moses Tanui     KEN     95-1, 1T; 97-2, 1T
        Shem Kororia    KEN     94-1T; 97-1, 1T; 98-2T
        Paul Tergat     KEN     99-1, 3T; 2000-1, 1T
3       Carl Thackery   GBR     92-2T; 93-3, 3T
        Isaac Radebe    RSA     92-3JT; 93-3J, 1JT
        Khalid Skah     MAR     94-1, 3T; 98-3
        Tesfaye Tola    ETH     97-3T; 99-2T; 2001-1T
        John Gwako      KEN     98-2T; 2000-1T; 2001-2T
        John Yuda       TAN     2001-3, 3T; 2002-3

8       Lidia Simon     ROM     96-2, 1T; 97-3, 1T; 98-3, 2T; 2000-3, 1T
        Tegla Loroupe   KEN     93-3; 97-1, 2T; 98-1, 1T; 99-1, 1T; 2002-1T
        Cristina Pomacu ROM     95-2, 1T; 96-1T; 97-2, 1T; 98-2T; 2000-1T
6       Anuta Catuna    ROM     92-3T; 93-1T; 94-3, 1T; 95-3, 1T
        Aura Buia       ROM     92-3T; 95-1T; 96-3, 1T; 97-1T; 98-2T
5       Iulia Negura/Olteanu    ROM     92-3T; 93-1T; 94-2, 1T; 95-1T
        Susan Chepkemei KEN     2000-2; 2001-2, 1T; 2002-2, 1T
4       Nuta Olaru      ROM     96-1T; 97-1T; 98-2T; 2000-1T
        Mizuki Noguchi  JPN     99-2, 2T; 2000-2T; 2001-2T
        Joyce Chepchumba        KEN     97-2T; 98-1T; 99-1T; 2001-1T
        Berhane Adere   ETH     2001-3, 3T; 2002-1, 3T
3       Mari Tanigawa   JPN     93-2, 2T; 94-3T
        Valentina Yegorova      RUS     95-1, 2T; 99-3T
        Adriana Barbu   ROM     92-3T; 93-1T; 94-1T