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World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade22

Athletic Hall 


Surface area: 7,300㎡  
Seating capacity: 1,000 
Built: 2015 
Location: Banjica (Banjica Forest) 


Athletic Hall is a modern multifunctional athletics facility. Unique in the region for both aesthetics and functionality, it is situated in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Belgrade, only 3km away from the city centre. It was ceremonially opened on 1 March 2016 when it hosted its very first prestigious competition - Serbian Open Indoor Meeting. The Meeting has become traditional and has since been organised each year in the Athletic Hall. 

The Hall is a venue with the most contemporary technology, with the World Athletics-certified track and field, and conditions for high-quality athletics events to take place in. Modern offices of 500 size and a modern Conference Hall meant for symposiums, promotions, conferences, seminars and education make the Hall complete. Along with these, the Athletic Hall also offers a modern gym, infirmary, anti-doping room and a café bar for refreshments for both the athletes and visitors.   

In this venue, there is also a mini media lounge with the total capacity of 10 seats as well as conditions for integration and inclusion of participants in disability sports competitions. The plan for the Hall is to have 300,000 to 400,000 services users annually and to organise a huge number of athletics events and competitions.  

From 18-20 March 2022, Belgrade will be the host of one of the most prestigious sports events – the World Athletics Indoor Championships Belgrade22 – where the Athletic Hall will have a great function being the Training Centre. What is planned in the future are numerous expert and infrastructural projects aimed at completing and upgrading the current offer in order for the Athletic Hall to become the athletics centre of the Balkans and this part of Europe in the near future.