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The Victor Monument – Kalemegdan Park 

The Victor, a recognisable symbol of Belgrade which was erected in 1928, is the work of the famous Yugoslav sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. It was originally set up on 
Terazije Square, but the ladies of Belgrade protested against the statue of a nude male figure, holding a sword in one hand and a pigeon in the other. After that it was placed on the 11-metre high pillar, facing the cliff above the Sava and Danube confluence. 


The Monument to the Unknown Hero - Mountain Avala

This magnificent granite memorial atop of Avala is the expression of gratitude to the fallen warriors for freedom in World War I. The first Monument to the Unknown Hero on Avala was built in 1922 by local villagers, in the place of the grave of an unknown fallen soldier. The modern Monument to the Unknown Hero was erected in 1938 based on the design by Ivan Mestrovic, in the place of the medieval town of Z


The Monument to Nikola Tesla

This is one of the three monuments in the Serbian capital dedicated to Nikola Tesla. The sitting bronze figure of this visionary, inventor and author of almost 1000 patents and inventions in the field of electrical engineering, which contributed to the development of the world civilization, is the work of sculptor Frano 
Krsinic. The monument was placed in 1963 in front of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Its copy is also placed on the American side of Niagara Falls.  


Photos: Tourist Organization of Belgrade