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Event Report - Boys' 10,000 metres Race Walk

Russia followed up a double in the girls’ 5000 metre Race Walk with another in the boys’ 10,000m Walk this morning.

The Russian duo, Sergey Morozov and Vladimir Akhmetov  made their intentions clear from the start of the race, setting a fast early pace as the field strung out in the early stages, confirming their psoitions as the season leaders in the performance lists.

a closely-bunched group of four leaders had already formed by the second lap, including the two Russians, Yusuke Suzuki from Japan and Jianguo Zhao of China.

The four were inseparable right through to the last 1200 metres when, with three laps remaining the Russians accelerated drastically, with Zhao desperately trying to stay with them.

This proved too much for Suzuki, who started to fall back looking to be out of the medals until as the three leaders approached the line with two laps to go, Zhao received a red card, giving Suzuki his chance to stay in the medals.

After walking together for the whole race, the Russians were now in sole contention for the gold, with a final burst from Morozov giving him the advantage as he gradually pulled away from Akhmetov as the pair came up to the final bend and into the straight.

Morozov finished in a time of 42:26.92, fisteen metres ahead of Akhmetov in 42:32.81, with Suzuki recording a new personal best of 42:43.22 to clinch the bronze.