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Event Report - Boys' Triple Jump Final

Ilya Yefremov (RUS) and Hector Dairo Fuentes played catch–catch in the triple jump final, trading the lead and the record of the Championships.

Fuentes opened the battle with his first jump of 16.41 bettering the Championships record of 16.36 set by Great Britain’s Jonathan Moore in Debrecen in 2001.

Yefremov responded in the third round, jumping 4 centimetres further and looked set to take the gold with that jump, as Fuentes seemed to have lost a little of his initial verve, with jumps of 16.01, 16.05 and even 15.80.

But then the Cuban got it all together for his fifth jump, bounding out to 16.63 to take back the record and the pole position, his final result.

The bronze medal went to Bulgaria’s Zhivko Petkov with a leap of 16.20.