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Boys’ Hammer Throw Final – Flash Interviews

Gold medalBence PÁSZTOR (HUN) 82.60

"I just called my family, I'm so happy. Before the competition I was scared, but with the first throw I knew that it would be good evening. It was even a new Champions Record, the last throw was even better."

Silver medal - Özkan BALTACI (TUR) 78.63

"I'm so much happy. I expected to have the gold medal but PASZTOR (HUN) was better than me. I live in Izmir and I train 4 hours a day. My season is finished. These championships were my principal goal."

Bronze medal - Serhiy REHEDA (UKR) 74.06

"I was nervous, because in the Ukraine team I'm the leading athlete, so there was a lot of pressure. But I tried to forget all and to focus on my attempts. I won a medal, but I can't realize it. Normally my last throw is the best, here in Lille, but also in Yalta I did it with the first attempt."