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Girls’ High Jump Final – Flash Interviews

Gold medalLigia GROZAV (ROU) 1.87

"It was a great championships and it was my first international competition. I'm very happy to win the first medal for Romania."

Silver medal - Iryna HERASHCHENKO (UKR) 1.87

"No congratulations, I could have won. I made a mistake, but I'm not sure which one. It was the longest competition I have ever made. After 1.87m I thought the competition is over, but my coach told me we have to go on jumping. I haven't got the time to prepare myself physically, but also mentally, I haven't got any forces at the end. This year I already jumped 1.85m in May and 1.87m in June."

Bronze medal - Chanice PORTER (JAM) 1.82

"I missed just 5 little cm. But I haven't got regrets. I began the High Jump in 2006. Five years later, I win this medal. "5" is a magic number. I live in Manchester in Jamaica. The others Jamaicans’ performances pushed me to give all my best."