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Women High Jump Final

Women High jump Final

The first gold medal of the championships for Great Britain came in the last day of competition when Aileen Wilson won the women’s high jump contest with a new personal best of 1.87m.

Author of a perfect series until 1.83m, a height she was the only one to clear, Wilson appeared well above the field today.

Her first World Title guaranteed, Wilson decided to take advantage of her exceptional form and asked the bar to be raised consecutively to 1.85, 1.87 and 1.90.

She cleared 1.85, a new personal best for her at her third attempt but needed only two tries to get over another personal best at 1.87m.

She then fouled three times at 1.90m.

"My lead up to the competition was nearly perfect, that is why I was so confident I would win. You always have to try every height no matter how high it appears because you never know what might happen."

Two athletes cleared 1.81m today. Australia’s Petrina Price who was awarded silver thanks to a second attempt clearance while Saint Lucia’s Shaunette Davidson claimed bronze and the first world championships medal for her country.