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Women Long Jump Final

Women Long jump Final

Another of today’s pre-event favourites confirmed her superiority in the women’s long jump final. And indeed Australia’s Shermin Oksuz had an easy time today.

Fouling her opening jump, she achieved her winning effort at her third attempt where she landed at 6.41m, a mere four centimetres short of her all-time personal best.

Looking for a new personal best, Oksuz took extra risks but fouled her remaining three attempts. This was not going to worry her for no other competitor was able to threaten her leading position.

16-year old Elena Anghelescu (ROM) recorded a new personal best of 6.32m which ensured her the silver medal.

The bronze medal was hard fought between Germany’s Angela Dies and Romania’s Cristine Spataru who both landed at 6.03m. Dies was eventually awarded the bronze her second best effort of 5.88m being superior to Spataru’s 5.83m by just 2 centimetres.

"I only had one good jump, but luckily that was enough for the win," said Oksuz after her victory. "I missed my personal record by just 4 centimetres so I am not too disappointed. Two years ago in Bydgoszcz I was the favourite but did not reach the final because I choked like I nearly did today! Fortuantely this year I could correct my mistake and get back up when I had to."