News25 Jul 2010

Men's 110m Hurdles final - Flash Interviews



It (my smile) has to be there after that race. I am happy. My race, well, I have to be honest, I have some regrets because at the 9th hurdle, there was contact between me and the American in lane 7, I think. Up to the middle of the race he was ahead of me. I could really see his chances for the podium. I made him slow down and he made me slow. In my opinion, I shook him up more. We’ll see if he protests. It’s too bad. I could have finished with a better time but it’s a victory nonetheless.

[He had an Acadian flag tatoo on his cheek] I put this flag on for you. I want to say a big thank you for your hospitality, for the great stadium that was built for us. In all cases, it was a very good experience to have come here and I will remember it my whole life.

[And in the future]  Well, 2012, we all dream for that.


I’ve been training for this all year, and to perform here is a big dream come true. My sister came second in the hurdles four years ago in Beijing, and me doing the same here is unbelievable.

I was so nervous, but I felt so alive before the race. I was just so ready to go. I executed well, and the fact that I did it is so unbelievable. It’s the best feeling ever.

I was aiming for the medals. I knew that Jack [MEREDITH, Bronze medalist] was tough, and the fact that I beat Jack was a big win for me personally. To beat Pascal today - I didn’t do it, but I got second place. I came in with the third fastest time, and I came in second. I have to be happy for it.

It’s wonderful here. I was talking about Canada with my dad yesterday and said, personally, I think it’s one of the greatest countries I’ve been to. The people are so nice. The whole country reminds me of Norway. It’s pretty much the same, like all of it. I love it.


(I feel) sad. I should have won. I just ran a very tired race. Next time.

I sort of stumbled out of the blocks, but it’s all void now.

Not much. I just have to come back firing. It’s not going to stop me. Maybe one day I’ll win. I’ll get a gold instead of a silver or a bronze.

I wouldn’t have been happy with anything but gold.

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