News25 Jul 2010

Men's Hammer Throw Final


USA's Conor McCullough releases the Hammer out to a Championship Record of 80.79m (© Getty Images)

The duel between the top two junior hammer throwers this year, throwing second and first in the order, was joined immediately in the first round of throwing. Conor McCullough reached 77.59m in the first throw of competition, but his lead barely lasted minutes as Akos Hudi flung the 6kg ball and chain out to 78.37m.

Beginning in the second round, however, the duel began to shape up as more of a hammering. McCullough answered with an 80.79m fling which bettered the former Championship record, 78.42m by Evgeny Aydamirov (RUS), set in 2006 in Beijing. McCullough's mark moved him up to sixth on the all-time junior list.

That turned out to be all the competition of the day, however, as Hudi never managed to get his series back together. After his second-round foul, Hudi couldn't improve on his first mark, while McCullough hurled two more beyond the 80m mark as well as a long closing throw which was judged a foul.

Alaa El-Din El-Ashry of Egypt, throwing a PB 76.66m in the second round, was third throughout the competition, but like Hudi was unable to improve on that.

McCullough and Hudi, between them, now appear six times on the junior top-10 list for the year, including four marks from the qualifying and finals here in Moncton.

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