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Women's 1500m

Great Britian's Stephanie Twell ran a welltimed race to win the women's 1500m final at the 12th IAAF World Junior Championships on Sunday.

So timely was Twell's race, she won by about 15 metres, though she did not make her move until 200m to go.

Ethiopian Kalkidan Gezahegne went out early and was unchallenged for the first 400m. Her teammate Asmerawork Bekele joined her, but she was the first to pass the 800m mark at 2:25.30.

At the bell lap, Gezahengne, who has a personal best of 4:15.2, was going at 3:14.74, but that was all left in her leg. Unfortunately Bekele’s chances vanished as her shoe came off her foot colliding with other runners.

Leaving the backstretch, Twell made her move and by time she reached the 200m mark, she was ahead.

Entering the homestretch, Twell opened her lead and power down the straight to take victory in 4:15.09 seconds.

Gezahegne held on for second in 4:16.58 while Britain's second entire – Emma Pallant was third in 4:17.06.

"I am very happy," Twell said. "Being a World junior champion it feels really great. I came here to win and I did it. Now I don't think about anything else but to keep running and keep improving."

Jordan Hasay who was a surprise finalist at last week’s US Olympic Trials in Eugene and had to delay her arrival in Bydgoszcz for that reason was fourth in 4:19.02 with a gutted Bekele down in ninth.

Anthony Foster for the IAAF