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Women's 4x100m final - Flash Interviews



Good, we feel really good. Our chemistry was great, you know, we got the stick around the track and did our best. We wanted the record, but we got the world leader junior time - and a gold medal!

This is our first time competing as a relay team - and it’s my birthday as well.


Me and Takeia’s handoff was a little bit shaky. It was better in the preliminaries, but we got it together, and she still moved down the backstretch and we came out with the win.

This is our first time at Juniors.

Dezerea BRYANT

[When I got the stick, I was thinking] go. Just go. Get it to Ashley and she can finish it off.


[Texas is a big relay state. How did you feel when you got an anchor leg in front of a huge crowd?]

I felt good. [I] thank the people on my team and thank God.

Leena GÜNTHER, second leg (GER) - SILVER MEDAL - 43.74 (NJ)

It was really good. I was a little bit nervous in the beginning, and the atmosphere here in the stadium was really great. The spectators all supported us, and the Canadian team, and it was great.

We are really, really happy. We didn’t even think about such a time, and that race was really something.

Jamile SAMUEL (NED) - BRONZE MEDAL - 44.09  (NJ)

I thought it (the race) was going very well. When I saw that we were standing fourth, I said “Oh no, I must go, I must go, I must go.”  And finally, it happened. I am very happy.

I was hoping it (to get a medal). I wasn’t sure.

(About winning 3 bronze medals) I was hoping to go home with something and now I have 3 of them. That’s super.

Everything here (in Moncton) is so relaxed. It’s been so much fun - teams are cheering for each other. It’s really relaxed to be here. Everything is good.

Leah WALKEDEN (CAN) - 6TH - 44.84

I am pretty happy with what we did.  The home crowd really pumped us up. Even if we have a bad step or a bad exchange, we can recover from it.

Our goal was to get to the finals, and when you get to the finals you have to see where things go from there.  We have made national records, personal bests and made it to the final, so we hit the goals we set out before the meet.