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Women's High Jump final - Flash Interviews


Right now, I’m shocked. I can’t believe that I jumped 1.91m and I’m first in the world. I can’t believe it.

I’m very proud. To have a Montenegran record, it’s good.

No, I was ready to jump high, but I didn’t expect it because this is a very big competition. In the end, it was good.

Everything is great, Canada is great. I love it.

Airiné PALŠYTÉ (LTU) - SILVER MEDAL -  1.89m

I was hoping to win the gold medal because I’m the world leader. I didn’t, so I’m sad.

I’m happy that I did that [passed my third try at 1.86m and went to 1.89m].

Everything’s OK.


Three years ago, I got the bronze and again today I am third so I am happy to get a medal.  I know I can jump over 1.90m, so I am a little sad I did not do better.

I have worked very hard coming into this competition but I know I was up against a strong field.