What is World Athletics Heritage?

A new department began work in January 2018.

World Athletics Heritage sets out to preserve the legacy of athletics, its heroes and heroines, their artefacts, and the documents, videos and photographs that portray them and in turn engage with and inspire the stars and fans of the present and future.

Heritage will celebrate and forge connection across 3000 years of our sport, telling athletics’ rich story, based upon a myriad of marvellous memories and moments which few other sports can match.

In an era with so many entertainment attractions on offer to young people - some would say distractions - Heritage’s goal is to put our sports heroes, their records and their performances, into context, chronicling their very personal odysseys which were the very foundation and motivation of their careers: simply put, savouring the best, promoting the present, and engaging with the future.

For a brief overview of the World Athletics Heritage concept: click here

For more information contact: heritage@worldathletics.org