Japhet Kipyegon Korir leads the senior men's race at the 2013 IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Bydgoszcz, Poland on Sunday 24 March (Getty Images)

World Athletics Cross Country Championships

About the event

Natural land is the stage on which many of the world’s greatest distance runners learn their craft. The ‘World Cross’ is the oldest competition on the World Athletics calendar, connecting the modern professional sport with its roots in the 19th century. Medals are awarded for both team and individual performances in senior and U20 categories. The event is held in March, every odd year.

History of host cities

2019 Aarhus, Denmark
2017 Kampala, Uganda
2015 Guiyang, China
2013 Bydgoszcz, Poland
2011 Punta Umbria, Spain
2010 Bydgoszcz, Poland
2009 Amman, Jordan
2008 Edinburgh, Great Britain
2007 Mombasa, Kenya
2006 Fukuoka, Japan
2005 St-Etienne/St-Galmier, France
2004 Brussels, Belgium
2003 Lausanne, Switzerland
2002 Dublin, Ireland
2001 Ostend, Belgium
2000 Vilamoura, Portugal
1999 Belfast, Great Britain
1998 Marrakech, Morocco
1997 Turin, Italy
1996 Cape Town, South Africa
1995 Durham, Great Britain
1994 Budapest, Hungary
1993 Amorebieta, Spain
1992 Boston, USA
1991 Antwerp, Belgium
1990 Aix-Les-Bains, France
1989 Stavanger, Norway
1988 Auckland, New Zealand
1987 Warsaw, Poland

Last event organised

IAAF World Cross Country Championships Kampala 2017


Next event open for bid

World Athletics Cross Country Championships 2023 – Express your interest here  

Candidature process

Date of award 21/11/20
Consultation with the selected area and relevant MFs, to find potential host countries through M-Circular and Expression of Interest  
Deadline for Expressions of Interests received 15/03/20
Application Form, Budget, EOA, Risk Assessment and Guidelines sent to Bidding Cities 01/04/20
Calls between the IAAF and the bidding cities to clarify the documents, get update on process and highlight any issues April to June 2020 
Deadline for submission of draft application 01/07/20
Initial Assessment sent to Bidding Cities 01/08/20 
Calls between World Athletics and the bidding cities to clarify the documents received and answer questions Aug 2020
Bid Evaluation Panel Site Visit  
Final application form sent back with signed EOA, CRA, Budget, Risk Assessment 01/10/20
Final assessment provided to World Athletics Council 15/10/20
Bid Candidates present to the World Athletics Council and Host City appointed 21/11/20


Host city requirements

The following general requirements could be considered as necessary for the successful hosting of the event:

• 1500-2000m loop course on an open or woodland area

• Running trails for training

• At least 750 beds in 3/4-star hotels for team accommodation

• International airport within a two-hour bus ride

Summary of financial obligations

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) is responsible for overall management of the event budget.

The following are the main financial obligations of the organising committee:

• Pay full-board accommodation in twin rooms for the quota athletes (approximately 300) for a maximum of 3 nights, in a 4* hotel;

• Charge not more than USD 100, per person per night, for full-board accommodation in twin rooms for the other athletes and team officials for a maximum of 3 nights;

• Charge not more than USD 100 for bed & breakfast accommodation in single rooms for members of the World Athletics Family accommodated in a 4* or 5* hotel;

• Pay any related cost for national competition officials;

• Pay travel costs in economy class for World Athletics Delegates (maximum 12) and full-board accommodation;

• Pay the travel and full-board accommodation costs of World Athletics Delegates for required site visits;

• Pay full-board accommodation costs for the staff of the technology partner providing timing / chip timing services, a minimum of 60 room nights, and for one preliminary site visit;

• Pay full-board accommodation costs for the staff of the technology partner providing results and information services, a minimum of 24 room nights and for one preliminary site visit;

• Pay at least 50% of the costs of these services provided by a company appointed by World Athletics (in the event World Athletics does not have a technology partner for the timing and/or results services);

• Pay for the provision of 50 Commentator Information System (CIS) terminals;

• Provide free-of-charge World Athletics and Dentsu with equipped offices, including a fast and secure internet connection, in their respective hotels and in the competition site;

• Provide free-of-charge World Athletics and Dentsu with an agreed number of VIP tickets in the main tribune and an agreed number of parking passes;

• Pay a contribution towards the costs of accreditation (i.e., USD 2.50 per card issued). Special requests from the LOC to the accreditation company will also be at the LOC’s expense;

• Pay the costs of the advertising boards, advertising materials and related services for the national sponsors and 50% of the cost of the start and finish gantries;

• Pay the creation and registration of trademarks or brands as requested by World Athletics / Dentsu;

• Provide a free, live TV broadcast signal (as per specifications defined by World Athletics ) via a host broadcaster (non-rights holder in home country) to be proposed by the LOC;

• Provide working facilities for TV commentators and media at the finish area;

• Pay any tax that the host country’s government may levy on any prize money earned by the athletes;

• Pay any and all taxes in connection with the importation, exportation, transportation, installation and customs clearance of any VIK, premiums and promotional gift items of the commercial affiliates;

• Pay the costs for doping control organisation and implementation, including blood testing pre-competition and approximately 30 competition urine tests and several EOA or other additional special analysis (e.g., IRMS) as requested by World Athletics ;

• Provide appropriate medical organisation (health care and sports medicine services) as per World Athletics competition medical guidelines accessible on the World Athletics website;

• Pay for insurance policies as required by World Athletics .

Bidding summary

Frequency Duration Athletes/ officials Bidding Timelines Candidatures
Open Deadline Decision
Every odd year 1 day 650-700 3 years prior 2.5 years prior 2.5 years prior

This information is subject to change. It is intended to provide future organisers with general guidelines on the main requirements for the organisation of the event. A successful host city candidate has to sign a legally binding event organisation agreement.