World Mountain Running Championships (Gerry Brady)

World Mountain and Trail Running Championships

The event:

Organised before June 15th or after September 15th

Competition format (please refer to World Athletics Rule 251 for more details on race formats)

• Held over 3 to 4 days

• "Classic up and down” mountain race (ca. 12KM,on a ca. 6KM loop to be repeated twice, 300-450m elevation gain per loop) – 4 races Senior Men, Senior Women, Junior Men, Junior Women

• “Vertical” mountain race (4-7KM, 700-1,000m total elevation gain) – 2 Races (Men, Women)

• Long trail (ca. 80KM, 3,500-6,000m total elevation gain, ITRA category “L”) – One race (with Men's and Women's rankings)

• Short trail (ca. 40KM,2,000-3,000m total elevation gain, ITRA category “S”) – One race (with Men's and Women's rankings)

• Other open or promotional races can be added upon LOC request

Candidature process:


Start Date

End date

Reception of bidding documents

21 Apr 2020


Calls with IAU / ITRA / WMRA to help on your bid

29 Apr 2020

17 Jun 2020

Deadline to send first draft of bidding documents

19 Aug 2020


Assessment by IAU / ITRA / WMRA of the bidding documents

20 Aug 2020

3 Sep 2020

Announcement of the 5 bidding candidates going to final phase

4 Sep 2020


Additional calls with IAU / ITRA / WMRA in the final phase of the bid

7 Sep 2020

27 Sep 2020

Reception of final bidding documents

27 Sep 2020


Site Visits from IAU / ITRA / WMRA to the 5 final bidding candidates

3 Oct 2020

1 Nov 2020

Award of the 2021 WMTRC to the winning bidding candidate

8 Nov 2020



Host city requirements:

• Ready access to both mountainous terrain and suitable challenging trails to locate the courses

• International airport within a 3-hour bus ride

• Running trails for training

• Securing full board accommodation in a 3* hotel or superior for athletes, officials, IAAF Family and Media for a period of 4-5 nights:

 -- Athletes and Team Officials: 1300 beds (575 twins, 150 single)

 -- IAAF Family (ITRA, IAU, WMRA, IAAF): 65 beds (single rooms)

 -- Media: 35 beds (single rooms)

• Local transportation system for the event between hotels, venues, city centre, airports, main train stations and event- related social functions

Host city rights:

All commercial rights lay within the LOC (Expo sales, Partnerships, Title Sponsorships, Media Rights, Fee entries from the mass race etc.)

Hosting fee:

Hosting fee for this event is set at USD 150,000