Series07 Jan 2013

After a happy Christmas, VCB will skip indoor season to focus on Moscow - IAAF Online Diaries


Veronica Campbell-Brown at Christmas (© Omar Brown)

December – the month of Christmas, the month before the start of the indoor season, the last month in the calendar year, an Olympic year.  I spent the month focusing on my training and I must say I was quite pleased with what I was able to accomplish. We are taking a rather gradual approach as I will not compete in this coming indoor season because my focus is on the IAAF World Championships in Moscow late summer.

Despite the intensity of training, I had one of my most enjoyable Christmases. I spent the time with family and close friends, I got involved in the gift wrapping and all the other trappings that are Christmas related. However, I was quite mindful of the fact that it was the birthday of Jesus who is the central figure in my Christian religion.

Furthermore, I watched a play that was based on the history of Jamaica, I found it quite humorous and enlightening, and I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of Jamaican pride!

I did indulge in some shopping of course, and when I retire from the sport I think I will aggressively do some research into the therapeutic effect of shopping – stay tuned, haha!

I want to thank all my supporters who took the time to read and journey with me throughout 2012. I wish for you and your loved ones a healthy and successful 2013 and ask for your continued support. Last but not least, congratulations again to my fellow athletes on the various awards they received at the end of the season.

Thanks for reading,