Vernonica Campbell-Brown along with her Foundation scholarship recipient Terry-Shanice Matthias and Vice-Principal of St. Andrew Technical High School Mr. Frank Boyd (Vernonica Campbell-Brown) © Copyright
Series Florida, USA

VCB has resumed training but time for foundation and other good causes

In the latest installment of her IAAF Diary, Veronica Campbell Brown records what's been happening in October...

"The month of October holds a special significance for me as a woman as it is the month that added focus is placed on Breast Cancer awareness. I am very pleased with the emphasis being placed on this dreaded malady and trust that more women and girls will avail themselves to the screenings and other assistance readily available.

I traveled to Jamaica where I participated in the national celebration for the athletes who had competed in the Summer Olympic Games. The events were well organized and it was a pleasure to share our London success with the rest of the nation. It is no secret that the Jamaican track fans are among the most knowledgeable, vocal and supportive, all those traits were in full view during the national celebrations.

 The Foundation I chair has been assisting girls in Jamaica since its inception in 2010 and while there I was able to take a visit to one of the scholarship recipients. Just being able to witness her smile and hear her words of appreciation reconfirmed my belief that we must invest in our youth. I am hoping to make an announcement shortly with regards to further moves by the Foundation.

 Speaking of youth, golf legend Arnold Palmer has a hospital for children in Orlando, Florida. This facility has been a crucial cog in pediatric care in the Central Florida area. My husband Omar and I made a visit there to encourage the children. We spent the time talking with a number of the children and encouraging them. I left there more uplifted than I imagined possible. More of us who have been immensely blessed need to follow the example or Mr. Palmer.

On a lighter note, Omar and I took the opportunity to watch the movie Alex Cross. I am a big fan of Tyler Perry and I was not disappointed with his efforts here.

I have resumed training in anticipation of the 2013 athletic season and presently, I am focused on just background work. I pray for a healthy 2013 season.

'Thanks for reading', "