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New Studies in Athletics now has a revised and enhanced archive

Since the first issue of New Studies in Athletics (NSA) was published in 1986, the publication has established itself as a respected international technical journal for athletics.

NSA continues to emphasize the importance of original scientific and technical research, within the framework of the sport, in an effort to amalgamate science with the art of coaching.

Each issue of NSA has brought to a wider readership a series of new and thought-provoking ideas which, in turn, have paved the way for the creation and development of techniques and applications designed to maximise an athlete’s ability, in both training and competition.

NSA continues to provide a crucial forum for dialogue concerning the future development of ideas and practical applications.

In order make the material contained in NSA available to as wide an audience as possible, the IAAF has revised and updated its archive with the aim of serving the athletic community at large.

The revised archive is available here.

It is now much easier to navigate through the articles and issues of NSA.

There is now an alphabetical list of the authors, and by simply clicking on an author’s name it gives a full list of all their articles.

The powerful embedded search engine has a predictive feature for searching for authors by surname so by typing the first few letters of the author’s surname a list of possible authors appear.

This predictive search engine makes it easier to find articles on individual events e.g. if you type in the word ‘javelin’, all articles with this word in the title will be found.

General categories of articles, such as ‘Round Table’ or ‘Reports’, are also easier to find with the new-style search engine.

In addition, articles from 2012 and 2013 have now been added. For those who have used the old archive, we are sure that you will appreciate the changes.