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Flash Interviews: Men's Pole Vault Final


First attempts are always a huge deal in the finals. If you can make it that puts also lot of pressure on the other competitors. Of course I was not sure as other guys tried for 5.91, they had great jumps and they were capable to do it. To win is a good deal of motivation for future, you want to continue in this and are ready to do more work. I had a new hair-cut between qualification and finals. It was lot of determination, luckily I made that 586 jump. My miss at 576 was a close one which helped my confidence. 

Silver - Romain MESNIL, FRA

Just a little regret about the gold but clinching the silver is great. It's a nice one. I didn't want to put all the pressure from the French team on my shoulder, but jumped for myself first. At 5.86, I felt I had wings, I was certain to clear the bar. By then I believed that I would go for the gold. But I did some technical mistakes. On my last attempt at 5.91m, a mistake that I regularly do in training. This is the kind of competition where one has fun and is completely carried by the atmosphere.

Bronze - Danny ECKER, GER I am very proud and incredibly satisfied. I enjoyed the competition. It is only now that I realise that the stadium is so full. But the atmosphere was super.
I did not try the 5.86 metres because I was convinced that I would be able to clear 5.91 metres.
Today's final was a competition at a very high level with a homogeneous group. The recipe for success is to be able to focus at the very moment that counts.
I do not have plans of how to celebrate but believe me - there will be a great party!