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Hammer Throwers turn lifeguard

German hammer thrower Karsten Kobs and training partner Holger Kose recently saved the life's of two girl swimmers in difficulties in the Pacific.

The two German athletes were training at Ron Clarke's Couran Cove Resort, on Stradbroke South Island (some 60km from Brisbane, Australia) last week, when the incident occurred and had gone down to the beach for a swim after the end of a workout. While they were swimming themselves, they heard cries for help and saw the two girls being dragged out to sea by the strong currents which prevail in this area of the Pacific coast.

The currents met their match in 1.96m, 118kg Kobs and Kose, who successfully brought the hapless swimmers to shore. "It was like something out of Baywatch," joked Kobs afterwards, playing down the incident.