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Men's Javelin Throw final - Flash Interviews


I trained very hard for this competition and wanted to leave with a medal so I am pleased.

I injured my back after the first throw so I passed on my second attempt.  I injured it with the first throw.  My other throws were not as good as I would like but I pleased to leave with the gold.

Genki DEAN (JPN) - SILVER - 76.44 m (PB)

I can’t believe this day.

My first throw was very good. My fourth throw was my best. That was very good because my running was good.

I am very surprised. I was ranked about 7th. So I can’t believe this.

Dmitri TARABIN (RUS) - BRONZE - 76.42 m

I’m a little bit disappointed in the results. I was hoping for the best results - for the gold - and there was such a tiny difference between bronze and silver, so this is a disappointment.

[On the second attempt], it was the javelin that went well. On the other attempts, I just couldn’t realize all my potential.

I was too emotional. I was trying hard to post the best result.

No, it (the German’s opening throw) wasn’t the main reason. It was OK, but I just couldn’t show everything I was able to do.

Caleb JONES (CAN)  - 10th  69.27 (PB)

I threw a personal best so I am happy with that.  The 70 metre mark was still there and I was not able to hit that.  At least my average was high.

This has been an amazing competition for me to experience.  To see the German (Till WOSCHLER) throw that far (82.52) was amazing for me.

I still have a few competitions left so I will try and break that 70 mark for this season.

Raymond DYKSTRA (CAN) - 12th - 63.80m

I’m feeling pretty good. I made top 12, so that’s pretty far. I came to the games to get top 12 and possibly top 8, and throw a PB. 70 metres, I threw that, so I’m pretty happy with everything.

It’s nice being here, but it’s also nice going to another country. But having the home turf and having everyone here cheering you on is absolutely incredible.

There’s definitely ups and downs, some tough times. Even though they come to everyone, myself included, you have to always think positive and keep going.

There’s just something about javelin [and there has been] from day one. I wasn’t even going to do track and field. My teacher came up to me and asked me to be on the relay team, and I said yes. I saw javelin, and from day one, I said, ‘can I just go try that?’ From that day on, I just loved it. Something about it is just amazing.