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News24 Jul 2007

Moreno takes Hammer with 75.20 Games record – Pan-American Games, Day Two

Yipsi Moreno of Cuba wins the Hammer Throw at the Pan American Games

Cuba’s Yipsi Moreno, 2001 and 2003 IAAF World champion at Hammer Throw, dominated her event at the second day of the Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro (23 July) with a 75.20m performance, a new Games record.

The 26-year-old from Camagüey led from round 2, after a foul, with a 73.44m effort. Moreno followed 71.37m and 2 fouls to close with 75.20m, a mark that erases her own Championship record set in Santo Domingo 2003 with 74.25m.

Her compatriot Arasay Thondike grabbed the silver medal with a 68.70m performance obtained in her last throw, which displaced Argentinean Jennifer Dahlgren (68.37m) to the third spot.

A total of 5 finals took place on the first day of track and field events at the brand new “Estádio João Havelange”, after a day (Sunday) of 3 road competitions. Along with Moreno’s record, 3 other Games records were improved.

The only final of the day which didn’t produce a new championship record was the women’s Discus, won by Cuban Yarelis Barrios with 61.72m by the slim margin of 1 cm over her compatriot Yania Ferrales.

Barrios had 3 fouls (attempts 1, 3 and 5), and her 3 valid attempts were 61.50m, 61.72m (fourth throw) and 60.33m. 14-time South American Champion, Brazilian Elisângela Adriano took the bronze with 60.27m, ahead of the favourite, American Suzanne Powell-Roos (59.08m).

Americans conquer distance events

American Ed Moran, surprisingly took the 5000m in 13:25.60, a new Games record.

Mexican David Galván set the pace in the early stages with a 2:41.75 1000m split. Then 2006 New York City Marathon winner, Marílson Gomes dos Santos (BRA), took over with 5:23.77 and 8:08.60 at 2000 and 3000m. But just before the 4000m mark (10:54.11), Moran unleashed his long attack which proved to be devastating for Mexicans Galván, Juan Luis Barrios, and Santos.

Moran’s was the first American victory at the event since Matt Centrowitz took the 5000m at the San Juan 1979 Games with 14:01.0. Barrios, which had the best time of all competitors, beat Santos for second place in the final stages of the race.

In the women’s 10,000m, another American, Sara Slattery, won in a Games record time of 32:54.41, in a great display of power and tactical determination.

Brazilians Ednalva Laureano da Silva and Lucélia Peres set the pace for the first 6km: 3:30.56, 6:50.67, 10:09.38, 13:28.83, 16:52.28 and 20:17.75. After that point, Slattery took over the pace and surprised Mexicans Nora Leticia Rocha and Dulce María Rodríguez with her move. The latter was the only runner who could respond and ended up catching Slattery with 4 laps to go, but a final km in 3:03.89 took care of Rodríguez and sealed a brilliant victory for the 25-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona.

Rodríguez finished in 32:56.75, getting the silver medal. Brazilian Lucélia Peres was third in 33:19.48.

Murer gives gold to Brazil

One of the best Brazilian bets for a gold medal was pole vaulter Fabiana Murer, and the 26-year-old from Campinas didn’t disappoint. Coming from a successful indoor season, capped with a South American record of 4.66m, Murer didn’t have a great transition into the outdoor meets. She was only able to take part in 3; South American Championships, Troféu Brasil and Bislett Games, to set a sb of 4.50m.

Yet, with the inspiration of the audience, Murer dominated the event, clearing 4.30m at her first attempt, 4.40m also at her first, 4.50m at her second, which gave her the victory, and then 4.60m at her third, to finally have 3 fouls at 4.68m.

American April Steiner was able to find inspiration at the right time, to clear 4.30m and 4.40m in her third attempts. The latter height gave her the silver medal. Twenty year-old Cuban Yarisley was third with a new CAC record of 4.30m.

9-point lead for Smith after five events in Decathlon

In the Decathlon, Jamaican Maurice Smith is the leader after the first 5 events with 4370 points, supported by solids 16.93m Shot Put and 47.99 400m. Brazilian Carlos Eduardo Chinin is only 9 points behind. Chinin set PBs at LJ (7.76m) and 400m (48.36). Yet, Smith is still the favourite and is expected to fare much better on the second day; while Chinin’s weakest events are the Discus and the Javelin.

Eighteen year-old Cuban Yordani García, the 2005 Octahlon World Youth champion, is in third place with a first-day-pb of 4192.

In other events with preliminary phases, Panamanian Irving Saladino, the 2006 IAAF World Cup winner, looked impressive in the Long Jump, advancing to Tuesday’s final with his first attempt of 8.38m/0.3. Brazilian Rogério Bispo, 8.01m, and Cuban Iván Pedroso, 7.93m, followed him.

In the 800m, Brazilian Josiane Tito was the fastest in the heats with 2:01.28. Cuban Zulia Calatayud, who hadn’t yet run in 2007, advanced to Tuesday’s final with a comfortable 2:03.00 time from heat one, won by Canadian Diane Cummins in 2:02.80.

The finals of both male and female 100m races will also be on Tuesday. The fastest at the semifinals were Churandy Martina, from the Netherlands Antilles, with 10.06, equalling the Games record, and Americans Mikele Barber, Michelle Lewis, and Bahamian Chandra Sturrup, all with 11.18.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

Results – Day 2

1 Ed Moran USA 13:25.60 *
2 Juan Luis Barrios MEX 13:29.87
3 Marílson Santos BRA 13:30.68
4 José David Galván MEX 13:38.31
5 Javier Carriqueo ARG 13:52.36
6 Freddy González VEN 13:52.79
7 William Naranjo COL 13:56.45
8 Javier Guarín COL 14:27.89

Decathlon (Day 1)
Maurice Smith JAM 4370 (10.84/-0.8 7.27/0.8 16.93 1.97 47.99)
Carlos Eduardo Chinin BRA 4361 (10.88/-0.8 7.76/0.5 13.44 2.09 48.36)
Yordani García CUB 4192 (10.67/-0.8 7.14/0.6 14.57 2.03 49.96)
Ryan Harlan USA 4091
Chris Boyles USA 4027
Ivan Scolfaro da Silva 3940
Leonel Suárez CUB 3915
Gonzalo Barroilhet CHI 3642


1 Sara Slattery USA 32:54.41 *
2 Dulce María Rodríguez MEX 32:56.75
3 Lucélia Peres BRA 33:19.48
4 Nora Leticia Rocha MEX 33:33.72
5 Inés Melchor PER 33:36.17 NR
6 Emily McCabe USA 33:39.61
7 Ednalva Laureano da Silva BRA 34:09.21
8 Bertha Sánchez COL 34:13.25

Pole Vault
1 Fabiana Murer BRA 4.60 *
2 April Steiner USA 4.40
3 Yarisley Silva CUB 4.30 AR
4 Alejandra García ARG 4.20
5 Joana Ribeiro Costa BRA 4.20
6 Carolina Torres CHI 4.00
7 Deborah Gyurcsek URU 3.75
8 María Isabel Ferrand PER 3.45

Discus Throw
1 Yarelis Barrios CUB 61.72
2 Yania Ferrales CUB 61.71
3 Elisângela Adriano 60.27
4 Suzanne Powell-Roos USA 59.08
5 Summer Pierson 56.03
6 Dayana Octavien HAI 53.66
7 Annie Alexander TRI 51.52
8 Renata Figueirêdo BRA 50.23

Hammer Throw
1 Yipsi Moreno CUB 75.20 *
2 Arasay Thondike CUB 68.70
3 Jennifer Dahlgren ARG 68.37
4 Kristal Yush USA 66.47
5 Brittany Riley USA 65.49
6 Crystal Smith CAN 64.78
7 Sultana Frizell CAN 63.25
8 Eli Johanna Moreno COL 62.77

* Games record