Darya Pchelnik throws 75.42m in Belém (Inovafoto/CBAt) © Copyright
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Pchelnik throws Hammer to 75.42m in Belém

Darya Pchelnik from Belarus obtained the best result of the Brazilian APM “Grande Prêmio Caixa Governo do Pará”, held in Belém on 19 May, at the “Estádio Mangueirão”, reaching a season’s best of 75.42m in the Hammer Throw.

Belém was the second Area Permit Meeting (APM) held in Brazil, as part of the “2010 Brazilian Athletics Tour”. It came after the “GP Caixa Unifor” that took place in Fortaleza on 16 May. Both will lead to the IAAF World Challenge event, the “26º Grande Prêmio Brasil Caixa de Atletismo” that will take place in Rio de Janeiro on 23 May.

The 28 year-old Pchelnik, fourth at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, moved to the second spot of the 2010 World Lists with her 75.42m winning mark from Belém obtained in her first attempt of the rainy but warm evening. Then, she followed with 66.92m, 70.84m, 70.98m, and two fouls. Marina Marghlev, from Moldova, was second with 66.36m.

This is Pchelnik’s second best mark ever, after the 76.33 obtained in Minsk on 29 June 2008. “It felt like competing at home,” said Pchelnik. “The fans supported all my throws, and it was a very good result for me. Yet, I hope to continue to improve in this Brazilian Tour.”

Jamaican sprinter Sheri-Ann Brooks, also shined in Belém. The 27-year-old Brooks took the 100m in 11.16 (wind 0.2 m/s), ahead of Ruddy Sang Milama, from Gabon (11.25), and Tahesia Harrigan, from the British Virgin Islands (11.26).

Other winners in Belém were: Men: 100m: Martial Mbandjock (FRA) 10.15 (0.4); 400m: Michel Mathieu (BAH) 45.56; 3000m: David Beth (KEN) 7:42.59; 400mh: Justin Gaymon (USA) 49.19; HJ: Kevin Moffatt (USA) 2.19; PV: Mark Hollis (USA) 5.55; HT: Dilshod Nazarov (TJK) 76.94. Women: 200m: Simone Facey (JAM) 23.09 (0.1); 800m: Andrea Ferris (PAN) 2:02.78; 100mh: Briggite Merlano (COL) 13.12 (0.4); HJ: Lavern Spencer (LCA) 1.85; SP: Natalia Ducó (CHI) 17.49.

78.24 by Nazarov in Fortaleza

In Fortaleza, on 16 May, the Hammer throw, once again, was the main event, as Tajikistan’s Dilshod Nazarov, a finalist from the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin, obtained the victory with 78.24m, ahead of Latvia’s Igors Sokolovs (77.51m), and Ukrainian Artem Rubanko (77.02m).

Also in Fortaleza, in warm and sunny conditions, Brazilian Fábio Gomes da Silva won the Pole Vault in a SB of 5.65m, showing signs of recovering of the great form displayed in 2007 which took him to the Pan-American Games gold, a place in the final of the IAAF World Championships in Osaka, and a South American record of 5.77m.

Another impressive performance from the “GP Caixa Unifor” was the High Jump victory of Saint Lucia’s Lavern Spencer with a 1.94m leap. The 25 year-old Spencer, also a finalist in Osaka, is currently second in the 2010 World Lists with a 1.98m NR set in Athens, Georgia, on 8 May.

The rest of the winners from Fortaleza were: Men: 100m: Leroy Dixon (USA) 10.46 (-0.2); 400m: Eduardo Vasconcelos (BRA) 45.62; 1500m: Bayron Piedra (ECU) 3:39.22; 400mh: Andrés Silva (URU) 49.49; HJ: Jaime Nieto (USA) 2.25. Women: 100m: Ruddy Sang Milama (GAB) 11.54 (-0.2); 200m: Christine Amertil (BAH) 23.48 (-0.2); 800m: Meskerem Assefa (ETH) 2:03.10; 100mh: Briggite Merlano (COL) 13.31 (-0.1); SP: Sarah Stevens (USA) 17.39; HT: Jessica Cosby (USA) 67.51.

Complete results at: http://www.cbat.org.br

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF