Jefferson Perez winning in Tlalnepantla de Baz (Joel Morales Bravo) © Copyright
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Pérez sets the pace at the South American Race Walking Championships

Ecuadorian Jefferson Pérez added one more title to his illustrious collection, by winning the 20Km event at the XV South American Race Walking Championships (9), held this past weekend in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The altitude of 2558m affected Pérez’s performance, and his winning time was 1:26:27. Before the race he had mentioned that would be impossible to beat the World record in altitude, and that was proven at the circuit of the “Paseo del Prado”. The victory of Pérez was his second of the season, after winning the IAAF Challenge in Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico, also at altitude, in 1:23:17 on 25 March.

After crossing the finish line, Pérez was upset about the Ecuadorian defeat in the team competition, where Colombia edged his country. Rolando Saquipay of Ecuador was disqualified after crossing the line in third place, and that made Pérez furious. “It’s not possible that if technically I’m regarded as one of the best specialists in this event, that we loose because of a disqualification. Perhaps it means that I wasn’t able to transmit my knowledge and experience in a proper way”, concluded a very critical World record holder.

Still, in the individual aspect, Pérez should feel happy, because this is his eighth senior title in this competition, which changed its name in 2004. Until then, it used to be the area Cup, and now it’s the South American Race Walk Championships.

In the Men’s 50Km, another Ecuadorian, Segundo Peñafiel, took the victory in 4:03:30, a new championship record, which considering the altitude is a very good time.

Peñafiel couldn’t finish in Tlalnepantla due to stomach problems, but was able to do it in Cochabamba. After passing the 20Km mark in 1:35, Peñafiel was able to break his opposition, and his winning margin over his compatriot Fausto Quinde (9 minutes), was a very comfortable one.

Bolivian Geovana Irusta won the women’s 20km event in a close battle with Ecuadorian Miriam Ramón, the area record holder.

Irusta provided one of the 2 victories for the hosts, and also her eight in the history of the event. Her time was 1:41:20.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF



20Km (9)

1 Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:26:27
2 Luis Fernando López (COL) 1:27:16
3 James Rendón (COL) 1:28:20
4 Freddy Hernández (COL) 1:28:31
5 Xavier Moreno (ECU) 1:29:31
6 Andrés Chocho (ECU) 1:30:24
7 Mário José dos Santos (BRA) 1:30:51
8 Patricio Ortega (ECU) 1:32:57

50Km (8)

1 Segundo Peñafiel (ECU) 4:03:30
2 Fausto Quinde (ECU) 4:12:30
3 Edwin Centeno (PER) 4:13:10
4 Mesías Zapata (ECU) 4:21:10
5 Julián Choque (BOL) 4:29:40
6 Hugo Aros (CHI) 4:39:30
7 Víctor Marín (PER) 4:46:10
8 Iván Núñez (PER) 5:01:10

Junior 10Km (9)

1 Juan Manuel Cano (ARG) 45:39
2 José Luis Muñoz (ECU) 45:59
3 Mauricio Arteaga (ECU) 46:20

Youth 10Km (8)

1 Jorge Armando Ruiz (COL) 47:56
2 Samuel Babativa (COL) 50:08
3 Exequiel Segovia (CHI) 51:12


20Km (9)

1 Geovana Irusta (BOL) 1:41:20
2 Miriam Ramón (ECU) 1:43:32
3 Sandra Zapata (COL) 1:45:58
4 Yadira Guamán (ECU) 1:46:23
5 Alessandra Picagevicz (BRA) 1:48:45
6 Tânia Spindler (BRA) 1:49:48
7 Janeth Mamani (BOL) 1:49:55
8 Cisiane Dutra Lopes (BRA) 1:50:17

Junior 10Km (9)

1 Ingrid Hernández (COL) 52:19
2 Anlly Paola Pineda (COL) 52:34
3 Claudia Cornejo (BOL) 52:41

Youth 5Km (8)

1 Claudia Cornejo (BOL) 25:04
2 Anlly Paola Pineda (COL) 25:13
3 Magaly Bonilla (ECU) 27:00