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Primo Nebiolo


Dr. Primo NEBIOLO 14 July 19237 November 1999

Nationality Italian
Languages Italian, French, Spanish, English and Portuguese 
Chairman of a number of companies, particularly in the field of construction. In May of 1991, he was appointed by the Italian Government to the Administrative Board of Finmeccanica, one of the largest state holding companies in Italy, comprised of 85 individual companies with more than 95,000 employees.

During World War II, Nebiolo valiantly served several important positions as a volunteer in the Italian Army. After July 1943, he joined the partisan movement. Arrested by the German forces in 1944, he managed to escape from prison in Turin and reunite with the partisan forces nearby in Monferrato. For his courage and valour he was nominated on April 25 1945 as Inspector General in the Italian Government for the Piedmont Region by the National Liberation Committee (CLN), an exceptional honour considering his young age. Nebiolo remained in this position for more than two years, earning recognition and respect from his colleagues.
An avid sportsman in his youth, Nebiolo first gained notoriety as a consistent, national-class long jumper for the University sports club in his home town of Turin (CUS Torino) where he also occasionally played wing for the club rugby team. Following an interruption of his athletic career by the war, Nebiolo returned to competition continuing to earn several places on the Italian national team for athletics. His sports administration career had its effective beginning while he was still actively competing in athletics when in 1948 he was elected as president of CUS Torino, a position which he held until his death.

Over the years, Nebiolo's distinguished career spanned the entire spectrum of sport administration, whether on a national or international level. His initial concentration on University sport and Athletics led him to a natural role in the Olympic Movement both in Italy and abroad where he was active as an IOC Member and Executive Board Member of the Italian Olympic Committee. Known for his tireless drive and enthusiasm as a leader and organiser, Nebiolo accumulated a vast experience in the complexities of international relations and world sport.

The principle highlights of Nebiolo's administrative career can be found below.

Athletics Administration
President of the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) (1969 - 1989)
Member of the Council of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) (1972 - 1981)
President of the IAAF (1981 - 1999 )
President of the organising committees of the European Track and Field Championships, Rome (1974), the World Cup of Athletics, Rome (1981) and the 2nd IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Rome (1987). 
University Sport Administration
President of the University Sports Club of Turin (CUS Torino) (1948 - 1999);
Honorary President of the Italian University Sports Federation (CUSI);
President of the International University Sport Federation (FISU) (1961 - 1999);
He organized the Summer World University Games in 1959, the Winter World University Games in 1966, and the Summer World University Games in 1970 all in Turin, the World University Track and Field Games in 1975 in Rome and the World University Alpine Winter Games in 1976 in Livigno. 
Olympic Movement
As President of IAAF, he was elected President of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) (1983 - 1999);
Member of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) Executive Committee (1973 - 1978) and (1992 - 1999), CONI Vice-President (1978 - 1989);
Nominated Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), 'motu proprio', by the IOC President, H.E. Juan Antonio Samaranch (1992) based on his function and particular qualifications in International Sports.

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