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Who is fastest over 30 metres, man or domino?

The 24old Churandy Martina may be one of the fastest 100m/200m combination sprinters in the world but is he quicker than a line of falling dominos over a distance of 30 metres?

What do you mean it’s a question you never thought you’d find yourself asking or being asked?!

Hey, this is competition down-time in track circles when even top athletes can find a gap in their training schedules for such light hearted assignments.

Martina of the Netherlands Antilles, who boasts 9.93 and 20.11 sec national records for the 100m and 200m respectively, will take part on Friday 14 November in an attempt on the Guinness Book of World Records’ mark for the ‘Fastest Domino Toppling’.

The event will take place at the in the WTC Expo Center in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, where 4.5 million dominoes will be set up to try break a number of records including those for the highest domino mountain, the longest domino wall, the smallest domino and the fastest domino toppling!

Martina will take his part in the challenge by sprinting 30 metres against dominoes!

Presumably given the time it takes to set up millions of dominoes, no false starts will be allowed!

In 2007, over 85 million people watched Domino Day, an event broadcast live on TV in many countries, and in 2008 the theme of the day which is celebrating its tenth anniversary, will be breaking more World records than ever.

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Chris Turner for the IAAF