Nadzeya Ostapchuk (BLR) at the 2004 Olympic Games (Getty Images) © Copyright
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World leads by Ostapchuk, Miankova in Minsk

Shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk and Hammer Throw specialist Aksana Miankova achieved world leads in their respective events at the Romuald Klim Trophy meeting on Saturday (7).

With a cascade of phenomenal achievements ended the 15th International throwing competitions named for Olympic champion Romuald Klim. Before the beginning of the competitions sportsmen and administrators congratulated Klim, currently a professor at the Belarusian university of physical culture, on his 75th birthday, and then athletes presented gifts in the form of high achievements.

76.19m in the Hammer Throw by Miankova...

The greatest furor was presented by the women hammer throwers. Six sent the hammer beyond 70m, with Belarus record holder Aksana Miankova taking the win. In the second and penultimate rounds through beyond 76m, first with her winning 76.19m, and then nearly duplicated her effort with a 76.10m throw.

“I am happy with myself as the state of my health was not the best,” shared the winner. “But I have coped with this problem, and managed to show well. I will not make predictions, but I think I can throw further in the European Cup in Portugal. And then I will begin direct preparation for the Olympic Games in Beijing.”

Volha Tsander from Grodno threw beyond 71m with five of her throws, two of those beyond 72m and once beyond 73. Her best came in the second round when she reached 74.56. Her compatriot Darya Pchelnik was third with a 72.19m effort. Alena Matoshka from Novopolotsk had four throws beyond 70m, with 71.80m her best. Next were Maryia Smaliachkova from Minsk who threw 71.05m and another Grodno thrower, Nadzeya Pauliukouskaya, 70.19m.

... and 20.23m by Ostapchuk in the Shot

World championships silver medallist Ostapchuk, 2000 Olympic champion Yanina Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya and this year's Belarus leader Yulia Leantsiuk met for the first time this season in the women’s Shot Put sector. Immediate leadership was taken by Ostapchuk, who showed in the first attempt 19.35m. Leantsiuk answered with 19.27m.

In the next round Ostapchuk "bombed" the 20m line, and then sent the put even further to 20.23m. In the last three attempts she experimented with movements in the circle and ended her day. Leantsiuk, having added in the second series 20 cm, ended with a 19.47m best. Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya is not ready yet to storm the 19m boundary: her best attempt, 18.86m, was good enough for third.  

“For the present time,” Ostapchuk said, “20.23 I consider as a good result. There are a lot of technical flaws right now, it is necessary to work and work. Volume trainings have just ended, now I will begin to hope for improving my technique. Basically everything is developing well, all is going according to plan.”

In the men’s Hammer Throw competition, Aliaksandr Vashchyla from Minsk was leading until the final round. He sent three throws beyond 78 m, topped by his 80.12m in the third round. Andrei Varantsou from Mogilyov was in second after his 79.72m throw in the fifth round. But all the leaders’ plans were confused by Valeriy Sviatokha from Grodno who improved from 79.65m to 80.30m in the final round to nab the victory.

In the women’s Javelin Throw, Natallia Shymchuk twice sent the spear beyond 60m, and in last round established a new national record for Belarus - 62.38m. In the men’s event Uladzimir Kazlou caused a stir with his first career throw beyond 80m with his 80.52 in the first round.

The women’s Discus Throw was won by Iryna Yatchenko from Gomel, who showed in the second round a 63.49m effort. Second went to 38-year-old Ellina Zvereva, who is preparing for the Olympic Games in Beijing. In her best attempt her discus flew 62.75.  

Mikhail Dubitski for the IAAF

Leading Results –


Shot Put
1 Pavel Lyzhyn 20.88
2 Yury Bialou 20.27
3 Andrei Siniakou 20.02

1 Aliaksandr Salabuta 19.02
2 Aliaksandr Kulesha 18.34
3 Paul Satsunkevich 17.35

Discus Throw
1 Dzmitry Sivakou 62.71
2 Ruslan Khlybau 61.76
3 Siarhei Rohanau 58.17

1 Aliaksandr Salabuta 55.00
2 Aliaksandr Kulesha 52.22
3 Yaraslau Hramyka 51.03

Hammer Throw
1 Valeriy Sviatokha 80.30
2 Aliaksandr Vashchyla 80.12
3 Andrei Varantsou 79.72

1 Siarhei Kalamoets 76.54
2 Aleh Dubitski 75.18
3 Dzmitry Smuneu 70.77

Javelin Throw
1 Uladzimir Kazlou 80.52
2 Aliaksandr Ashomka 77.63
3 Anatoli Adakhovski 71.55

1 Maxim Marshenja 69.46
2 Evgenie Sh?herbich 52.23
3 Alexey Lobko 51.41


Shot Put
1 Nadzeya Ostapchuk 20.23
2 Yulia Leantsiuk 19.47
3 Yanina Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya 18.86

1 Volha Kryvol 14.13
2 Victoria S?vthuk 13.87
3 Katsiaryna Nyetsvyetayeva 12.63

Discus Throw
1 Iryna Yatchenko 63.49
2 Ellina Zvereva 62.75
3 Hanna Mazgunova 60.36

1 Nastassia Kashtanava 54.74
2 Victoria Nikitin 42.91
3 Darya Kirpichenko 39.90

Hammer Throw
1 Aksana Miankova 76.19
2 Volha Tsander 74.56
3 Darya Pchelnik 72.19

1 Natallia Shayunova 62.78
2 Alina Kastrova 62.13
3 Elena Novogrodskaja 53.49

Javelin Throw
1 Natallia Shymchuk 62.38
2 Maryna Novik 60.79
3 Maryna Buksa 53.32

1 Nastassia Kuzmich 51.38
2 Sviatlana Kulich 48.58
3 Xenia Denisova 42.25