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Press accreditations for the U-20 World Athletics Championships, Cali 2022 are now open


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ü  Press accreditations for the U-20 World Athletics Championships, Cali 2022 are now open


The Press and Photographer Accreditation System for the U-20 World Athletics Championships, Cali 2022 is now enabled. The deadline to do this process will be July 15th, 2022.

To start the accreditation to the event, each journalist or photographer must request an access code to the email:

It is important to remind that journalists who request the code access, agree not to share it with their colleagues and those who do not fulfill the role of journalists.

The only exception to requesting the code through this mechanism is for international news agencies that received it directly from World Athletics.

Digital media must follow some additional steps in the process, please read carefully all the information attached.

The maximum quota of accreditations per information media is the following:


Photographers: 2 per media

Written press: 2 journalists per media

Radio: 2 journalists per media

Television: 2 journalists, 2 cameramen and 2 assistants per media

Website: 2 journalists per media

Social Networks: 2 journalists per media

The media that wish to accredite a greater number of personnel must send the request to the email: Sending the email does not mean the request has been accepted. The answer will be send short after via email.


For detailed information on the complete press and photographer accreditation process for the U20 World Championships in Athletics, Cali 2022, please click on the following link: . Please click on the "media" tab located in the upper right side, click on "accreditations" and finally click on the process document, either in English or Spanish.

Any further questions or concerns, please send it to the email



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