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Feature15 May 2021

Family links, from Tokyo in 1991 to 2021

In Olympic year, and to mark the International Day of Families, we take a look at some of the familial connections between athletes who competed at the 1991 World Athletics Championships in Tokyo and those who are contenders for this year's Games in the Japanese capital.

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Report15 May 2021

Top jumps marks by Harrison and Gittens, Mu runs US U20 record in Texas

JuVaughn Harrison jumped 2.36m and 8.24m, while Tyra Gittens won the heptathlon at the SEC Championships in Texas on Friday (14).

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Feature14 May 2021

Boosted by World Relays, South Africa's Simbine is focused on the fast road to Tokyo

Here’s the thing about Olympic year, something Akani Simbine knows will always be true. “Everybody comes out fast,” he says. Everyone is ready.”

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Report13 May 2021

Jacobs runs 9.95 Italian 100m record in Savona

European indoor 60m champion Marcell Jacobs stole the show at the 10th edition of the Memorial Giulio Ottolia in Savona on Thursday (13), breaking the Italian 100m record with 9.95 (1.5m/s).

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Feature13 May 2021

Saxby’s barrier-breaking 20km paved the way for female race walkers

Breaking the four-minute mile was the classic athletics landmark until Roger Bannister did it on a windy Oxford track in May 1954. A lesser-known target was 1:30:00 for women in the 20km race walk.

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Lifestyle12 May 2021

The Athletic Life: how running helps nurses cope with the demands of their job

For many of us in the past year, running has become less the pursuit of fitness, and more a coping mechanism.

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Series12 May 2021

Japan’s seven wonders: Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games

In the countdown to the Tokyo Olympics, we look back at the major global athletics events that have been staged in The Land of the Rising Sun.

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Feature11 May 2021

Sha'Carri Richardson, history maker

“We’re not done yet,” exclaimed Sha'Carri Richardson, speaking trackside after the second of her sub-10.80 100m runs at the USATF Golden Games on Sunday (9). Seeing the path the 21-year-old has blazed so far, it’s easy to believe her.

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Series11 May 2021

100 ones to watch in Tokyo: long distance

Every athlete has a story.

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Feature11 May 2021

Barega’s success, built on hard work and determination

Many Ethiopians respect Gurage people for being business savvy, who skillfully manage the demands of agricultural upkeep and urban commerce between Addis Ababa and the countryside. Selemon Barega, one of the most talented distance runners Ethiopia has ever seen, is a proud Gurage.

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Feature10 May 2021

After a year of pandemic setbacks and challenges, athlete refugees now eyeing Tokyo berths

Athletes from around the world have tuned in to the recent athletics test events to catch a glimpse of the courses, facilities and track they're hoping to compete on when the Games kick off in July, including two clusters of the Athlete Refugee Team from their bases in Tel Aviv and Ngong.

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Lifestyle10 May 2021

How running helped Nick Bailey get his life back on track

On 4 March 2018, British police officer Nick Bailey found himself caught up in the Salisbury poisonings. To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, he explains how running has helped him to process the trauma of that March day and its aftermath.

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