Yohan Blake (yellow vest) collects the baton behind Edino Steele at the 2013 Gibson Relays (Anthony Foster) © Copyright
Report Kingston, Jamaica

Bolt and Blake grace the Gibson Relays

Kingston, Jamaica – Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake continued their early season outings oon home soil at the 39th Gibson Relays in the Jamaican capital on Saturday (23).

Blake, the 2011 World Championships 100m gold medallist, ran the finals of both the men’s 4x100m and 4x400m, while Bolt's presence was only required in the preliminary round of the longer event.

Bolt’s coach Glen Mills told journalists after the final that, “Bolt was only down to run the heats.”

In his race Bolt ambled to 45.7 split on the third leg for the Racers Lions, who won in a hand-timed 3:06.9, ahead of Dominican Republic 3:08.6.

In the final, Yohan Blake ran the anchor and collected the baton some five metres behind but did well to take Racers Lions close to the winners Racers Tack Club, the two teams clocking 3:04.00 and 3:03.74 respectively. London 2012 Olympic Games 200m bronze medallist Warren Weir ran the third leg for Racers Lions.

“I just wanted the baton a little bit earlier and he (Racers Track Club anchor Edino Steele) would have been beaten. But in the end it was good, especially since I don’t run the 400m a lot,” reflected Blake.

Steele said it was all about fun. “The Beast (Blake) pushed me and it goes to show that anyone on our team can run a good quarter (400m). We don’t train to run in February, we train for June, July and August, so expect us to run faster later in the season.”

Meanwhile, University of the Technology (UTech) took the women’s race in 3:32.19 over Racers 3:33.22.

In the men’s 4x100m, Blake ran the third leg before handing over for Kemar Bailey-Cole to take Racers Lions home in 38.50. 

Racers Lions also won the women’s 4x100m race in 44.29. 

Turks and Caicos Islands’ 2012 World Junior Championships 200m winner Delano Williams, a student in Jamaica, and Jamaica's 2011 IAAF World Youth Champoionships 100m gold medallist Odail Todd  were the stars of the high school boys section.

Williams, who got the baton some 15 metres back on anchor leg,  ran a outstanding hand—timed split of 44.8 for his team Munro College to win the high school boys 4x400m in 3:11.43.

Todd helped his team Green Island High to two wins on the night. He first anchored the 4x100m squad to a win in 40.18 and then returned to run the second leg for the 4x200m team, which won in 1:25.74.

Anthony Foster for the IAAF