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Report17 May 2001

Moscow opens the Russian season


Sergey Makarov throwing at the 2000 Olympic Games (© Getty Images)

Nikolay Ivanov for IAAF

18 May 2001 – The Moscow meeting, which traditionally opens the new Russian athletics season each year took place on 17 May. Whilst many of Russia’s elite are still at training camps in Southern Russia, several well known names nevertheless made an appearance at the meeting.

Impressive results were marked in the men’s javelin, where Sergey Makarov performed 88.42m. He was pleased with his result, and felt it would be a confidence boost that will help him to overcome the 90m barrier in the fight for World Championship gold medal in Edmonton.

Makarov has not yet reached peak form and throwing in Moscow was not helped by heavy rain.

Olympic high jump champion Sergey Kliugin was also affected by the rain and stopped competing, leaving the first place to Yaroslav Ribakov with 2.26m. World champion Viachelav Voronin jumped 2.24m.

“This is my first competition after a troubled indoor season and I am now concentrating on getting back the potential and technical skills I lost after Sydney”, said Voronin. “I am not in a hurry and I have enough time for training. My next competition is in Madrid (27 May) at the European Clubs Cup.

The Russian coaches feel that the 2001 season is tailor-made to provide athletes with the opportunity to win money and medals.

The season is compact and will allow for favourable opportunities for athletes of different levels, but the Russian team has already suffered a heavy blow.

Irina Privalova was seriously injured during a hurdling training session. Russian doctors have failed to make a proper diagnosis and cure the injury, so Privalova has decided to consult with the specialists in Germany.

Nikolay Ivanov for IAAF

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