Anna Chicherova and her daughter Nika at the Sochi Dolphinarium (Anna Chicherova) © Copyright

Chicherova talks about Diamond League disappointment and dolphins – IAAF Online Diaries

“Hi friends, it has been a while since my last diary, and many things have happened.

“First of all, of course, I’ll tell you about my results. I competed in two IAAF Diamond League meetings and shared first place in Rome and was then third at the Bislett Games in Oslo.

“Honestly, jumping only 1.95m in Oslo was disappointing. It is not even about the final position; it is about my performance and the technique of my jumping.

“Already at the beginning of the competition, I felt that my legs were not fresh. I lacked power and because of this made the same technical mistakes all the time.

“Maybe this is because my early start of the season, or too many flights. Of course, the long competition in Rome when Svetlana Shkolina and I fought out a tie-break and then decided to share first place also contributed to my feeling, but that is not my excuse. After all, I know that if I was in better shape this would not have stopped me doing better.

“I was upset for several days after Oslo, but now I realize this is part of the game. You cannot win all the time.

“This is just a sign for me to concentrate better on training and my technique. In Oslo, I jumped what I could, and nothing seriously bad happened. I know my problems and I have time to improve. Hopefully, at the Diamond League meeting in Paris on 6 July, I’ll correct some mistakes.

“Now, I am at a training camp in Sochi. It’s much easier to stay positive here, thanks to nice weather and lots of sun, which I love.

“This time, my family is also in Sochi with me. Nika loves the sea and they go there with my mother every day. They are the lucky ones! Unfortunately, I haven’t even been to the beach yet. Working on the track all day long feels hard, but I have my goals and know why I am doing it.

“The only day off so far has been on the day we arrived. We went to dolphinarium and, for Nika, this was very interesting. She touched a dolphin, and later rode a real pony and played in the kids’ park.

“There are lots of kids of her age here, so she stays entertained. Actually, she is so active and already so fast that at times I can hardly catch her. Perhaps it is her genes as Nika’s dad is a sprinter. For sure, she is the fastest little girl on the beach in Sochi!

“There are also other athletes training here, mainly from winter sports, who are getting ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics here next February.

“I was impressed to see how the figure skaters train. It is so dangerous when the pairs are skating and the guys raise their partners high with their arms. I am always afraid that the girl may fall down! This sport requires perfect coordination and team work, and what they do looks amazing even when they are practising in the sports hall or gym. I can’t imagine how they perform all these difficult elements on ice!

“We talked a bit with Viktoriya Volchkova, who is a multiple European figure skating medallist. She stopped her career a few years ago and was in Sochi as a coach, with her kids group. I was interested in how it felt, training kids after being a world class athlete. I do admire such people who can find new goals in their new life after competing in sport at the highest level, and especially in working with children.

“It seems like it’s time for me to go and take rest for me now. Tomorrow is another hard day of training!

“Talk to you again soon, Anna.”