Veronica Campbell Brown with the participants of Dignity Day in Montego Bay, Jamaica (Freelance) © Copyright

VCB honours Dignity Day in Montego Bay - IAAF Online Diaries

The rest time is over and it is back to the long hills and long distances of background work for Veronica Campbell Brown.
As she gets ready for the 2011 season however, VCB is also extending herself off the track as she gets involved in Breast Cancer Awareness month as well as Dignity Day celebrations.

“October marked the start of training for the important 2011 season and with this start comes the dreaded hills and long distances…LOL.

“Fortunately for me, I did not spend too much time at the dining table so the background training should not be burdensome.

“I spent the month addressing some issues related to my UNESCO role as Champion for Sport with a Gender Equity leaning most notable being Breast Cancer awareness as October is the month this issue is usually most foremost in everyone’s mind.

“I wrote an article on the subject and read quite a few as well.

“This dreaded disease needs to be halted!

“With pride I took part in the first Dignity Day held in Jamaica on October 20th.

“Dignity Day is celebrated and recognised globally on an annual basis and Jamaica had its first staging at the Herbert Morrison Technical High School in Montego Bay.

“It was a privilege to be able to share with eager children the principles of dignity. Reverend Alvin Clarke was a fellow panelist.

“Dignity Day boasts among its founders Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Dr. Pekka Himanen and American John Hope Bryant.

“Until next time”