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Melina Robert-Michon


Did You Know Melina Robert-Michon

Olympic discus silver medallist Melina Robert-Michon is like a fine wine.

1. I can milk a cow and drive a tractor

“Growing up on a farm you have little choice but to learn all the skills. I remember helping my father to milk the cows and also remember driving the tractor. It was not so difficult. I remember my brother and I drove the tractor, it was like a game for us.

“I loved growing up on the farm and playing with my cousins and brother. It was always such a great place to play.”

2. I love handball

“I am a big fan of handball. I used to play the game, so I understand the game and the rules and I like to follow the French men’s and women’s national teams.

“In many ways a handball player needs similar qualities to that of a thrower as the sport is very explosive. The players give everything on the handball court and one player I really admire is the French national goalkeeper – Thierry Omeyer. He is a crazy man on court and I sometimes wonder how he manages to stop some of the shots.

“I think all throwers would make good handball players, so if I was picking a dream team of handball players, it would be hard to go past playing alongside the likes of Sandra Perkovic, Nadine Muller and Julia Fischer.”  

3. I like a drop of red wine

“I love to have a barbecue with my friends and it is always nice to have a little French wine with the food. I am in no way an expert on wine, but I love a red wine from Bordeaux. I don’t drink so much during the season, but after the season it is nice to have a few glasses.

“I think my career has been like a bottle of wine, in that it has improved with age. If I were a bottle of wine, I’d be a red wine with character.” 

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