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Kirani James Tourist

World and Olympic 400m champion Kirani James is a busy man. When he’s not zipping round the track, he acts as the sports tourism ambassador for Grenada. Last night, he carried his home nation’s flag at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. SPIKES keeps the one-lap wonder on his toes by asking for five reasons why we should pack our bags and jet off to the Caribbean island.

1. Grand Anse Beach

“Grenada has some beautiful beaches, but Grand Anse Beach is one of my favourites.

“It has lots of hotels along the stretch and lots of students from the university enjoy it. It is a great beach town.”

2. Annandale Waterfalls

“Another place I would recommend is the Annandale Waterfalls. A lot of people head out here and it is another very nice place. The waterfall is about 30-35 feet high and it is a great place to visit.”

3. Grand Etang Lake

“This is located in the middle of the island and is a extinct submarine volcano. The area is also a forestry reserve, which is great for sightseeing and visiting.”

Kirani James

James is hoping to win Grenada's first Commonwealth Games gold medal next week

4. Gouyave

“This is my home town. It is also known as the 'Town That Never Sleeps' because of its great night life.

“I'd recommend Fish Friday. A street is blocked off and people can enjoy an assortment of great fish from grilled to fried fish. In fact, every fish cut you can imagine.

“It is a great event. The tourists always come here to relax, listen to music and have a good time.”

5. Friendly people

“Grenadians are some of the friendliest people on earth. If you are lost in Grenada, just ask somebody and they will put you on the right track!”

King Kirani James SPIKES

James storming to victory in the London 2012 Olympics

All hail King Kirani

As if idyllic beaches, secluded waterfalls and fish cooked to order weren't enough to make us want to head straight to the Caribbean Island, we found even more reasons to go.

James' popularity on Grenada has resulted in a town being renamed in his honour, as well as a major road. There was public uproar recently when the Kirani James Boulevard sign was left toppled. The response was magic.

The Commonwealth Games men's 400m heats start in Glasgow on Monday.