News25 Jul 2010

Women's 4x400m relay final - Flash Interviews



Regina GEORGE (Anchor)
When I got it in first, I was running. I didn’t want anybody to catch me. I thought, I’m going to bring it home, I’m going to bring in the  gold. They handed it to me first, and I’m going to show them the respect I have for them not to lose this. And I’m so happy with my teammates, too. It means everything to us. We wanted it from the start. We prayed to God and He answered our prayers and gave us what we wanted, and I’m so thankful right now.

It feels really great. It’s a great accomplishment to have mostly everybody on our team to do so well. It’s very, very wonderful.

Stacey-Ann SMITH
It was amazing - it was probably the best feeling ever. I don’t think you guys understand how bad we wanted this. All of us have worked tremendously hard for this and we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, but at the end of the day we did it for USA and the team came together, so I’m just proud of them. I love them with all my heart.


Margaret ETIM
I lost my 400 metres gold but, glory be to God, I got a medal in the 4 x 400 metres relay.

Nkriruka Florence UWAKWE, first leg
The race went well.  I felt excited after my leg.  It’s very good. I thought we would get a medal, but this is good.


Jody Ann MUIR
We wanted the gold but that’s the way it is in competition. I’m still happy. We got a medal.

We are disappointed about not getting the gold medal. We did our best and today it wasn’t good enough.

Natoya GOULE
I don’t know if it was the climate.We did our best today.

Chris-Ann GORDON
I just want to say that we got the bronze and all of this comes from the help of God.

CANADA - 5th - 3:35.08

Katie REID
This was an amazing field to run against.   We were up against the best in the world and we all ran our best.   We set a personal best during the competition so I am very pleased.

A highlight would have been defeating the US in the semi-final.   We know how strong they are
so that was a great race for sure.   Unfortunately we could not do the same in the final.

We all know each other but this has been our first time running together so we can grow from here.


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