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Flash Interview - Women Javelin Throw Final

Gold MedallistOsleidys MENENDEZ, CUB, WR
"I wasn't aiming for the world record at all. My only goal was to win the gold medal."

"I felt a bit unsure, because I have some pain in my foot. This hard track is not the best surface for me."

"I loaded all my power to my first throw. I have this same tactic in every competition."

"I am very happy for the whole Cuban team. This has been a succesfull time for us here in Helsinki after the disappointments in Paris 2003."

Silver Medallist - Christina OBERGFOLL, GER, AR
"I still can not really explain what had happened today. I keep asking myself, am I dreaming or what? I saw my throw a few times on the video screen, and I can tell you it was a pretty good throw, there are not too many things I can correct on it."

"I knew during the warm-up that I was in good shape. I thought maybe around 65m will be what I can throw, that would have been a personal best, but I never even dreamed of 70m. My whole family is here with my boyfriend in the stadium, but I did not speak to them before the competition. I am only 23 years old, I am a university student, so I think there is a lot left ahead of me."

Bronze Medallist - Steffi NERIUS, GER
"Believe it or not I am very much satisfied with this bronze medal. There was nothing more left in me today. I just wanted a medal from these championships and I got that."

"After MENENDEZ's first throw I knew I could still have the silver medal. But then on the second round Christina threw that huge throw and I thought I just have to settle for the bronze. I said already after the qualification that 65-66m is enough for a medal and that I am capable of throwing that."