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Flash Interviews: 4x400 m Relay Men Final


Angelo TAYLOR: "We got the gold, you cannot ask for more. I think I ran my leg pretty well, although I must admit it was already my fifth race here. So I was really tired. This year is so far awesome for me, because I could get more support than in the past and concentrate fully on track. I'm still undecided what will be my main event in the future. I think I can break the world record at 400 m and 400 m hurdles. It is a good feeling."

LaShawn MERRITT: "They told me yesterday evening that I will run the first leg. I accepted of course and my goal was to prepare the lead for my teammates. We went into the finals relaxed, our only pressure was the clock. Our only worry was that something happened. We only had to get the stick around smoothly and thus win the gold. The world record was out of reach today because we were all not fresh. But we can get it another time."

Jeremy WARINER: "I enjoy this feeling.
It is the first time we run together. The other guys put it right before me and I just got it home strong. We had the top three for the quarter, so we were dominating the relay. World record? Well, we cannot do both. The first goal was to win the relay, win the gold medal and a second goal would have been the world record. We can do that another time."


Chris BROWN: "I got the baton quite a little behind, maybe fourth or fifth. The gap opened by the USA was bigger than what I expected. Then I had to do what I had to do. It's another medal to our collection. We've shown the others that they will need to work hard if they want to get us out of the podium. As for us we've got to continue our fight for the gold."

Bronze - POLAND, POL

Marek PLAWGO: "We calculated that USA, Jamaica and Bahamas are the favourites. But we believed into luck and our team spirit. It is a great tradition in the relay in our country. We have something special in us for this race. We do not have very fast individual runners, but we are always ready for the relay. After I ran my first leg I was lying down and waiting, then fourth runner Kozlowski came and suddendly we were able to get the bronze. I raised my hands and shouted. I have two medals, I would not believe it before the championships. We always are concentrating ourselves for one race and this was the race."