Report23 Nov 2001

National Games conclude with double for Dong Yanmei


Dong Yanmei at the 2001 IAAF World Championships (© Getty Images)

Ma’s Army got another gold, 7 in total out 11 possible, during the last day of the 9th National Games held in Guangzhou.

Dong Yanmei won her second gold, bettering her seasonal best to 14:51.58 in the 5000m, but Gong Ke, already a double winner with golds from 10,000m and Marathon, was left to fourth place in 5000m.

Dong took another clear win with 17-year-old Xing Huina nearly five seconds behind recording a personal best of 14:56.15, also a World Junior Leader this season. Fourth in the women’s race was 15-year-old Guo Lingling, from Zhejiang Province, with a World Junior Age-best for 15 and 16-year-olds, 15:08.42.

Unlike the 10,000m, the men’s 5000 race was not a tactical one.

The pace was decent from the start and Liaoning and Shandong runners, who were favourites to win, were surprised by 21-year-old Zheng Kai, from Anhui, whose personal best was over 14:10 before the race.

Zheng sprinted away from Kang Yanwei, silver medalist, to cross the line in 13:40.16, with Kang in second at 13:40.95. In third place was 18-year-old Li Zhuhong, who recently set a World Junior Best in the marathon, breaking the 8-year-old National Junior Record by 0.05 seconds to 13:41.44.

The men’s triple jump saw a new 17-metre jumper when Wu Ji, who was only jumping in his first competition since coming off a two year suspension, surprised other jumpers with his second round effort of 17.04m. Wu was sanctioned after he tested positive for nandrolone in the Chinese National Championships in Huizhou in October 1999, where he won the competition, but was of course later disqualified.

Wu’s earlier personal best was 16.75m from 1998. Lao Jianfeng, the Asian Long jump Record holder, was second with 16.68m - he won the triple jump in the 1997 Games in Shanghai.  16-year-old Gu Junjie, fourth in the World Junior Championships last year as a 15-year-old and already winner of the East Asian Games this year, had to settle for a disappointing third place with 16.46m. Gu had a couple of fouled jumps of approximately 17 metres.

The men’s shot put was won by Wang Zhiyong who threw 19.00m. In second place was 33-year-old veteran Liu Hao with 18.80. Also the women’s pole vault only offered modest performances. Asian Record holder Gao Shuying won the competition, but had to settle for a height of only 4.31m. Cai Weiyan, a former World Record holder in the event was second with her seasonal best of 4.11m.

Tang Xiaoling upset the whole women’s javelin field by bettering her personal best by over five metres to 59.95m, which was enough for the gold medal. Chu Chunxia only lost by 10cm, with 59.85m for the second place and 18-year-old Liang Lili bettered her own World Junior Leader 2001 to 59.82. Her personal best still stays at 60.90m, which she threw as a 16-year-old in 1999. Just 14-year-old Xu Xin was 8th with 56.45, World Junior Age-best for 14-year-olds.

The men’s 50km walk offered fast times with Wang Yinhang, 13th in the Sydney Olympics last year, winning in 3:44:28, moving to 4th in the Chinese all-time list and 4th place in the 2001 World list. 15-year-old Yu Guoping, from Liaoning and Ma’s Army, walked to an astonishing 3:45:46 for second place, a World Junior Age-best for 15, 16 and 17-year-olds and a World Junior Leader for 2001.

In the men’s 4x100 m relay, an expected win for Guangdong and third gold medal for Xu Zizhou did not happen as they struggled to 46.66 and 7th place. Race was won by Guangdong neighbours, Guangxi Province in 39.56. Women’s 4 x 100m offered an expected win for the women’s sprinting province, Sichuan. Li Xuemei anchored them to 43.18, totaling three golds in these Games.

Xu Zizhou did get his third gold from the men’s 4 x 400m which Guangdong won in 3:06.27. Shandong won the women’s long relay in 3:28.11 with Bu Fanfang getting her second gold and Chen Yuxiang & Huang Xiaoxiao second silvers.

The 9th National Games in Guangzhou have now concluded and next will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, in October 2005.

The next big Chinese meeting is the China City Games, a competition like the National Games, but between cities, not provinces, and only for athletes under 21 years.  The 5th City Games will be held in Changsa, Hunan Province in 2003.

Mirko Jalava for the IAAF

LEADING RESULTS (full results available from, also includes personal data page for each athlete with a picture)


5000m: 1 Zhang Kai 13:40.16; 2 Kang Yanwei 13:40.95; 3 Li Zhuhong (83) 13:41.44 National Junior Record; 4 Gong Ke 13:46.00; 5 Dou Zhaobo (83) 13:49.14; 6 Chen Fuchun 13:55.06.

Triple jump: 1 Wu Ji 17.04 (+0.7); 2 Lao Jianfeng 16.68 (+0.3); 3 Gu Junjie (85) 16.46 (-0.3); 4 Zou Sixin 16.42 (-0.6).

Shot: 1 Wang Zhiyong 19.00; 2 Liu Hao 18.80; 3 Wen Jili 18.58; 4 Lin Feng 18.50; 5 Li Naishun 18.23; 6 Huang Yucheng 18.17; 7 Jia Peng (84) 18.13; 8 Liu Yu 18.09; 9 Hui Zhenbao (82) 17.84.

50 km race walk: 1 Wang Yinhang 3:44:28; 2 Yu Guoping (86) 3:45:46 World Junior Age-best 15, 16, 17-year-olds, World Junior Leader 2001; 3 Yu Chaohong 3:47:04; 4 Yu Guohui 3:47.34; 5 Ma Hongye 3:50:24; 6 Bai Liansheng 3:51:52; 7 Han Qiang 3:52:37; 8 Li Mingcai 3:53:37; 9 Wang Shengtang 3:53:57; 10 Yang Yongjian 3:56:05; 11 Li Yi 3:59:00; 12 Zhou Yongsheng 4:02:32; 13 Zhang Jiawei (86) 4:02:38; 14 Ke Peng (85) 4:05:11; 15 Guo Chao (86) 4:02:38; 16 Mao Xinli 4:08:15; 17 Zhang Lizheng 4:08:49; 18 Wang Libo 4:10:45; 19 Xu Xingde (84) 4:16:05; 20 He Lin (83) 4:17:57; 20km winner Li Zewen DNF.

4x100m: 1 Guangxi 39.56 (Wen Jun, Yang Guangming, Lin Wei, Gong Wei); 2 Hongkong 39.95 National Record (To Wai Lok, Ho Kwan Lung, Tan Hong Sing, Chiang Wai Hung); 3 Shanghai 40.08 (Zhang Feng, Zhang Yuan, Yang Yaozu, Liu Xiang).

4x400m: 1 Guangdong 3:06.27 (Lu Bing, Han Chaoming, Li Zhijun, Xu Zizhou); 2 Sichuan 3:07.01 (Peng Yinggang, Li Qiang, Wang Lu, Zhang Yang); 3 Fujian 3:07.28 (Zhang Shibao, You Hanshan, Jiang Xuezhou, Zhuang Zhenping).


5000m: 1 Dong Yanmei 14:51.58; 2 Xing Huina (84) 14:56.15 World Junior Leader 2001; 3 Sun Yingjie 15:02.70; 4 Guo Lingling (86) 15:08.42 World Junior Age-best 15, 16-year-olds; 5 Wei Yanan 15:15.75; 6 Ju Limei 15:19.08; 7 Wang Chunmei 15:19.14; 8 Dai Yanyan 15:24.71; 9 Liu Min (83) 15:24.97; 10 Wang Xiaoming (85) 15:29.55; 11 Zhang Shujing 15:43.17; 12 Zhang Yuhong (83) 15:53.84; 13 Lu Juan (86) 15:55.55; 14 Hu Xiuying 15:56.01; 15 Zhang Yang (83) 15:58.23.

Pole vault: 1 Gao Shuying 4.31; 2 Cai Weiyan 4.11; 3 Peng Xiaoming 4.01; 4 Zhang Na 4.01; 5 Du Na 3.80; 6 Yang Jing (84) 3.80; 7 Qin Xia 3.80.

Javelin: 1 Tang Xiaoling 59.95; 2 Chu Chunxia 59.85; 3 Liang Lili (83) 59.82 World Junior Leader 2001; 4 Ha Xiaoyan 59.53; 5 Du Beibei (83) 57.83; 6 Ma Ning (83) 57.32; 7 Zhang Li 56.93; 8 Xu Xin (30.8.87) 56.45 World Junior Age-best 14-year-olds; 9 Geng Aihua (83) 56.08; 10 Yi Chunmei (83) 55.58; 11 Yang Lina (83) 53.60.

4x100m: 1 Sichuan 43.18 (Zeng Xiujun, Liu Xiaomei, Li Yali, Li Xuemei); 2 Jiangsu 44.23 (Jiang Zhiying, Ni Xiaoli, Zhang Hengyun, Liang Yi); 3 Guangxi 44.52 (Huang Nongfen, Yan Jiankui, Huang Mei, Ye Xiaoli).

4x400m: 1 Shandong 3:28.11 (Huang Xiaoxiao, Bu Fanfang, Xiang Chirong, Chen Yuxiang); 2 Guangdong 3:29.37 (Zhou Wei, Gao Lihua, Li Xiashu, Zhong Shaoting); 3 Jiangsu 3:32.37 (Zheng Henghua, Zhu Yihong, Zhang Hengyun, Ni Xiaoli).

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